Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tulip Festival

Last Saturday following Liz's graduation, we invited Don, Laura and Nath to come up to Provo and go to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.
We met and ate lunch at Chuck-A-Rama and then drove up to the festival.

Me, LaRue, Nath, Laura and Don outside the festival -

Liz and Gary -

I'm checking the map of the festival -

This is looking down from the main building. There are 4 miles of paths to see it all -

And now some flowers -

There are a lot of areas of grass and really cool landscaping -

Liz and Gary again -

LaRue, Nath and Laura taking a break -

The long walk started to bother LaRue's bad knee so Gary and I hiked back to the main building to pick up a wheelchair -

And here's me pushing the chair -

Now back to the flowers -

This trip we did not encounter snowy roads, but it was really foggy driving home -


Mage Bailey said...

I'm just sitting here saying wow, wow endlessly. Thanks for sharing such beauty. Wow.

Andy said...

Man awesome pics
I wish we could have been there

Emily said...

That is an amazingly beautiful trip! Loved looking through all of the pictures!!!!

LaRue said...

After the tulips have bloomed "they" dig them up and sell all 250,000 of them to the public. Isn't that something!!!!!!