Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 4th

It was a busy weekend here at Bailey Acres. There is a link to some pictures at the end of this entry.

Robin and family came out early Friday morning. Robin had hopes of repairing a car to drive back to Roy. But when he got to checking he found out the problem was the timing chain and he wouldn't be able to replace it with the tools he had with him. He contacted a friend who said he could do it for him. So, Robin towed the car to his friend's house and left it there.

About that time Liz and Gary arrived. They brought a 32 foot ladder with them to help with some tree trimming. Gary and I took the ladder over to the neighbor's backyard and got up on his roof with some tree trimming equipment. Gary cut a bunch of low hanging branches and then managed to saw down a couple of fairly big limbs. We got it all loaded in his truck and hauled it off.

The next morning we all went downtown to watch the July 4th parade. It began, as usual, with a flyover by four F16's. Awesome.
The little kids all seemed to enjoy the parade quite a bit.

After the parade we all met at the pavillion by the church to have a little picnic with Emily's family. It was quite fun.

Then Gary, Liz, Robin and I went back to the neighbor's yard, fully extended the ladder and leaned it up into the tree. Robin climbed up and cut a lot of smaller and two quite large branches down. I had to get the chainsaw to cut up the branches so we could load up Gary's truck again.

That evening Andy and Asher drove out and arrived just in time to join us all at the house to watch the city's fireworks display. Where we live is just a couple of blocks from the park where they launch the fireworks and we have an excellent view from in front of our house.

The next day we all attended church with Emily's family for the naming and blessing of Joshua Nicholas Bailey. After church Robin, Emily and the kids came over to food and then they had to drive home to Roy. Liz and Gary took off for Provo a little later in the evening while Andy and Asher stayed for a couple of extra days to help with some work in our backyard.

Here are some of the pictures from the last few days - July 4th