Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Patio Roofing

This last weekend - July 24th - was a holiday weekend in Utah. So Gary had an extra day off and Andy was available as well. Liz and Gary came out to Vernal Thursday night. Andy and Asher came out Friday night.

On Friday morning Gary and I went down to the equipment rental place and picked up a nail gun. We then got the plywood and tar paper. So, we were all ready to get going on Saturday morning.

Thanks to little Asher being an early riser, we were up and going before 8 AM. While Andy and I made a quick run to WalMart to get an attachment for the drill, Gary started unscrewing the sheets of plastic from the roof of the patio.

Andy took over the unscrewing duties and Gary pulled down the sheets and stacked them in the yard.

Little Asher was wondering what was going on up there.

Hi, down there.

After they got all the plastic sheets removed, I had to go along the eave of the house and scrape off the caulking that had been put on to seal the plastic.

Gary using the nail gun.

Andy clowning around swinging from the tree branches.

Andy and Asher taking a break.

Oh boy! Popsicle!

Asher's doing some gardening.

And a little raking.

Now Asher inspects the sheets of plastic.

Andy and Gary on the finished roof.

Project completed!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recent Trip

On July 9th LaRue and I went to the Vein Institute in Provo for a follow-up exam from her most recent surgery. Everything checked out fine.

That evening we took Andy, Laurie, Asher, Liz and Gary out to eat at the Indian Palace. They have a website here - Indian Palace

It was really good. We each had a different chicken dish along with a variety of breads. Eating the food brought back memories of the cuisine we used to have when I was growing up in Pakistan. I talked with the owner after dinner and learned that he was from an area very close to where we lived.

The next morning we headed up to see Robin, Emily and the kids in Roy. But on the way I stopped at a really neat guitar shop in Provo to pick up some new strings for my guitar. The shop also makes and repairs guitars. I spoke with the owner about a slight warping issue I am having with my guitar. So the next time we go to Provo I will take the guitar with me for him to look at.

When we got to Roy we all went to eat at one of Robin and Emily's favorite Chinese buffets. Then it was back to their house to let KD open her birthday present from LaRue and me. We picked up some really cute dresses on sale and gave them to her.
Here she is in one of them:

We all grabbed swimsuits and went over to the hotel where LaRue and I were staying to take the kids swimming in the pool. From left to right it's Brighton behind the ball, Emily, KD, Christopher and Grandpa, Robin and Joshua:

They also had a jacuuzi:

Robin is preparing to do a cannonball:


That evening we got out the Duck, Duck, Go game I had brought along. It's one of Brighton's favorite games. Personally, I think he likes it because he wins all the time. With Robin's and my help, KD is deciding how to move:

My turn:

Robin takes his turn:

Sunday afternoon after church we all went to Temple Square. Here are the kids at the reflecting pool:

There is the most awesome model of the Salt Lake Temple on display. It is a cutout model showing the inside of the building. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a picture.

Monday morning LaRue and I headed home. We decided to take the scenic route and go over Wolf Creek Pass. It's only open in the summer. To get there we drove through the little town of Oakley. Here it is on Google Maps - Oakley.
In Oakley is a world famous diner:

We stopped there for lunch. It was really cool. Everything about it was 1939. Even the waitresses wore period outfits. There's quite a bit about the diner at their website - Road Island Diner.