Andy's Mission Timeline

                Elder Andrew Bailey        Timeline
           Sunday November 30, 1997 - Andy's Farewell
                  November 30, 1997 at 2:30 Andy's Open House
12/3/97    Elder Bailey is left at the MTC in Provo.
12/4/97    The Spirit is incredible at the MTC. But Andy is
           homesick. He finds someone to talk to. His companion
           is Elder Bracken from Enterprise, Utah.
           Feelings - awesome, overwhelmed.
           Elder Brown, Christmas from Canada, Bailey, and        
           Bracken share a room.
           Class - eleven hours a day.
12/7/97    He has never felt so lonely and loved.
           He is going to bear his testimony each month.
12/11/97   Receive a big stack of mail.
           He went to the Provo Temple.
           Missions are awesome.
           MTC food causes gas.
           MTC food scripture: Jeremiah 4:19.
12/18/98   Service Project - cleaning bathrooms...luckily Andy
           and his companion just changed paper towels.
           Chocolate Santa from Aunt Nathalie - "drool."
           Andy wants a yoyo and seepa for Christmas.
12/23/97   He leaves SLC at 8:00 a.m. on United 2452.
           He will arrive in Omaha at 12:48 p.m. on a
           plane from Denver United 1078.
12/28/97   Andrew arrives in North Platte, Nebraska.
           North Platte is train and old car country.
           Train yard is BAILEY YARD. Trains sounds all around
           all the time.
           They clean their apartment...what fun.    
           They give a lady a blessing who had a thyroid problem.
           MEN IN BLACK!
1/5/98     Andy has been gone a month. He learns the main        
           religion in Nebraska is Cornhusker Football.
           Begins working with inactive members, and part-
           member families.
           Learns that obedience is important!
           Andy bears his testimony at the ward.
           The Elders bowl on preparation day.
           Andy buys a $6.00 suit!
           First door slammed in his face - oh, joy, anyway!
1/12/98    How are y'all?  The people are very "laid back."
           I can see why I am actually out here.
           "Card trick Andy." He "blows Elder Preston away!"
           Nebraska is snow.
           Sixteen scriptures memorized.
           Their car is a Chevy Cavalier.
           Their toilet was clogged for two days!
1/19/98    Andy can get to bed and sleep earlier now!
           They give 10 minute door discussions to people.
           In North Platte there is a Bailey Street and Elder
1/26/98    North Platte has giant trucks but no mountains so
           people go mudding down river beds.
           Darren and Melissa decided to find a religion. That   
           same day Elder Graham and Elder Bailey knocked on 
           their door.
           They meet the Moras who were recently baptized.
           Marty is a photographer. Alice is the mom; sons
           Ian and Rob.
           There is no place to go sledding in flat North Platte.
           Andy has memorized 25-30 of the 41 scriptures.
2/2/98     Andy is out 2 months. Andy loves the Book of Mormon.  
           He is just about finished reading it.
           He was sick as he went to a discussion but immediately
           felt better upon entering the house.

           Earlier he was prompted to knock on a door...they     
           found a girl they didn't know about who had been      
           taught before but her husband was inactive....they go 
           to church.       
           Another couple comes to church. The man was an 
           inactive member. Andy thinks she'll be baptized.
           They help some people move.
           Andy has reached 3 Nephi 10 in his reading.
2/9/98     The Lost Manuscript - Dad's letter arrives  empty.
           "Bummer" says Andy.
           Food for the missionaries from the Moras...Yum pizza  
           and Lasagna!
           Andy invites Kirsten Turner to be baptized.
           Andy is reading in Ether 10.
           Zone Conference coming on the 12th. 
           Andy's training is about finished...on the 20th.
2/16/98    Kirsten to be baptized Friday 20th.
           Ken and Melissa and Domer need to come to church.
           Andy said he took Utah for granted. Members need
           Passed off scriptures!!!!        
           Liz dreamed that Andy came home with a beard!
           Andy helps with re-roofing of a house.
           Four hours a week is spent on service projects.
           Andy helped kids in baseball in Special Olympics.
           Andy finished training.
           Elder Graham and Bailey are given guitars by a
           Church of Christ couple.
           A Church of Christ couple taught but the lady put a   
           glove on before giving them a "high five."
           Andy finishes reading the "Book of Mormon" and loves   
2/22/98    Open House time.
2/20/98    Kirsten Turner was BAPTIZED.
           Good Open House.
           It doesn't seem like Winter in Nebraska.
           About Ken and Melissa - Andy and his companion were   
           both thinking they were going to lose her. Andy didn't
           think she wanted to be baptized. THEN on their way out
           she said she was thinking of joining the church. Andy 
           and  his companion were like "OKAY." And then she said
           "so what else do I need to do to get baptized?" They
           told her to stop smoking and hear the rest of the
           discussions. She said, "okay." Her husband needs to
           quit using tobacco.
           Picture - Elders preaching to cows.
           Andy speaks in church...gave his forgiveness talk.
           Exchanges or splits in Kearney.
           "I'm learning to develop my talents."
           "The priesthood is awesome. We are advancing rapidly  
           due to the priesthood restoration."
3/2/98     Melissa Millard is BAPTIZED by Andy on March 7!
           Elder Graham confirms her.
           Ken, her husband, needs to stop chewing tobacco.
           Andy has a dream about dogs chasing him.
           New Menu - sugar smacks with oatmeal.
           Elder Graham eats pheasant!
           He has sore muscles from exercising so he and his
           companion must help each other put on their coats.
           Windy bike trip!
           Splits with the Sisters.
3/9/98     Elder Preston and Andy bike across town. Whew.
           The Video Store Incident - busy store - no one comes
           in while they are showing the video "The Lamb of God"
           which lasted 25 minutes.  Then when it is over -
           customers come in...
           Community service at an elementary school.
           Reading "The Truth Restored."
3/16/98    Zone Conference  A week of traveling.
           Stake Conference in Kearney. Elder Tingey spoke.
           Spring Cleaning. Andy cleans the stove.
           They are working with Melissa's husband.
3/30/98    NEW COMPANION, Elder CARLSON from Kaysville, Utah.
           Elder Graham goes to Omaha. Pizza party before he
           leaves. Andy meets his twin, Pete - who sketches,     
           sculpts, does web pages, computer graphics, stop-frame
           animation, flipbooks.
4/6/98     Andy will get his own bike. "All mine!" $150.
           Andy watches conference. "Take a gander at it."
           Andy's hour long prayer! He fell asleep praying. His
           companion didn't know Andy had fallen asleep in the
           kneeling position.
           His sense of smell is better. "Le Nose, Le works."
4/13/98    Easter dinner at the Moras. 
           His family at home watch a movie on Robin's birthday
           starring Andrew Bailey.
4/20/98    In North Platte a lady quits smoking and wants to be
           baptized - Betty Wood.
           Melissa Millard is back from Hawaii. Her son's eye    
           surgery went well due to blessing.
           Andy feels he is might get transferred. He has been
           in North Platte a long while. THEN
           Andy is TRANSFERRED to hilly Hastings, Nebraska.
           Before Andy leaves Betty Wood was baptized. Andy
           says goodbye to the members.
           Elder Bailey and ELDER MICHAEL begin their work in
           hilly Hastings.  It is a better place for biking to   
4/21/98    "A scary bug" discovered in missionary apartment.
            Hastings is "ready to harvest."

4/24/98    One day Andy and Elder Michael companion see an eight 
           year old boy "flying down the sidewalk on a bicycle." 
           He then crashes on his bike. They go to help the      
           screaming and crying boy. THE BOY HAS A BEE UP HIS    
           NOSE! So Andy takes out his red Swiss Army Knife, uses
           the tweezers and the bee is removed.
           The missionaries go to the Hastings Museum. They go to
           an IMAX movie.
4/27/98    Hastings has two wards. Elder Michael is his          
           companion. Elder Michael is allergic to red meat.
           In Hastings they have six-Elder dinner appointments.
5/4/98     Car trouble for missionaries - transmission falls out.
5/10/98    Andy calls home on Mother's Day. We all talk for two   
           and a half hours.
5/11/98    District Leader Training in Grand Island which is 20
           minutes away. Elder Michael is District Leader.
           As a mission the missionaries are underlining         
           everything which refers to Christ.
           Shocking lightning pictures taken.
           Andy appreciates and loves his family.
5/14/98    Zone Leader Meeting.
           This month Andy put his foot in the wheel of his
           bike while riding on the handlebars! No injuries      
           except to Andy's new bike.
           This month they meet slightly drunk, 50 year old Chuck
           Tockey and teach him.  Later they enjoy a Tockey BBQ.
           A surprise at the BBQ - "bee victim" is Chuck's       
5/18/98    Andy receives the tripod for his birthday. He really
           likes it!
           Chuck Tockey the biker, sandwich-eater came to church.
           They provide him with a pair of slacks.
           Renee was a J.W. and is a recent baptism...wants a
           calling.  Andy is practicing a positive attitude.
           For a service project they work on Chuck's car.
           A black fellow is reading the Book of Mormon. He      
           leaves answering machine message to get PGP & DC.
5/20/98    We call Andy for his birthday. We play phone tag to   
           try find Andy! I talked to Elder Park from Tabiona.
           Then I talked to Elder Wilde as I tracked
           down Andy.
           Andy eats a 4 pound hamburger in 38 minutes at
           Grand Island, Nebraska. So he got it free and got a   
           free T-Shirt. The place is called "Grandmas."
5/25/98    Andy is still in Hastings but at a different address.
           His NEW COMPANION is ELDER WELLS from Price.
           The new apartment was "a hole." But they cleaned it   
           up. It has a small bathroom.
           Elder Wells sets a 17 year old for baptism.
   THAT THEY WOULD BAPTIZE.   So on Saturdays: June 13, 20, 27  
   Andy and his companion had a baptism - four for the month.
6/3/98     Six-month mark!!!
6/6/98     Matt and Amy Hawke decide to be BAPTIZED after hearing
           the Joseph Smith story.
           Minnie Ingle Bailey's GRAVE is found in Hastings.
           Elder Bailey and Wells dedicate the grave.
6/11/98    They are teaching 20 year old Seth. Seth has many
           interested friends.
           Trip to Grand Island.
6/13/98    Matt and Amy Hawke are BAPTIZED. Andy confirms Amy.
           Elder Michael and Bingham "punk" Andy's apartment
           with gelatin in the toilet.
6/18/98    Catholic Marla Mercer is set for baptism. She stays up
           until early morning reading the Book of Mormon. She
           first saw Andy and Elder Wells at IGA.
           For five weeks in a row = baptisms. Marla = #6.
6/20/98    Chuck Tockey is BAPTIZED. Andy confirms him. They     
           give Chuck an eagle they had sculpted out             
           of clay. Andy rips his pants and is working on a
           drawing of a rock climber...Elder Michael.
           He gets a new mattress.
           Bro. Stoetzel pays to get Andy's bike fixed.
6/25/98    Andy helps Matt and Amy Hawke with their tin roof.
           It is 101 degrees.
           Marla Mercer said she wanted Andy to baptize him. She 
           would stay up until 4 or 5 in the morning reading the 
           Book of Mormon. She had seen the Elders at IGA and    
           said they had a different aura about them.
           The Elders Wells and Bailey are FED. They buy some    
           lunch and then remember they have dinner appointments.
           They first are taken to McDonalds and Baskin and
           Robbins. Then they go to another D.A. and have pizza.
           They help Jack Price build his house.
           Andy sees fireflies for the first time.
           Pocock - 30 contacts a day continues.
6/27/98    Marla Mercer is BAPTIZED by Andy. She once was going  
           to be nun. She has a strong testimony of the Book of  
           Mormon. Andy had a hard time bringing her up out of   
           the water. She knew the Elders were supposed to find
6/30/98    Zone Conference. Success comes if we are adaptable.
           Change so you grow.
           Pinnock chastises some Elders.
           The Elders are going to play laser tag.
           Andy finishes writing his first missionary journal.
           Temperatures reach 104-7 degrees.
7/2/98     Seth set to be baptized. As Seth prayed a smile spread
           across his face - that smiling feeling was all Seth   
           needed to know. He decided to get baptized.
7/9/98     Wind and Downpour in Hastings. Arby's intersection had
           12-18 inches pooling.  Missionary car dies in middle  
           of flood...soaked Andy pushes car, Elder Wells steers.
           Andy - the cookie baker.
7/11/98    Seth the 20 year old is BAPTIZED by Elder Wells. Andy
           CONFIRMS Seth. Seth quit smoking, drinking and STUFF.
7/16/98    NEW COMPANION Elder BARROW from Ogden who has been out
           in the field for a year.
           Andy is SENIOR COMPANION. He can drive the Lumina now.
           Andy is learning to be adaptable.
           Andy talks to Elder Graham before Graham leaves for
7/23/98    Elders had display at a Fair.
7/25/98    Allen Kelly/Bucky Hawkes, 17 year old brother of Amy, 
           gets BAPTIZED by ANDY. Naola, mother of Marla, will be
           baptized Aug.1 if her health is okay.
           Underdog lunchbox for Book of Mormons.
7/30/98    Elder Lowe cuts Andy's hair. The Elders bowl.
           Elder Barrow and Bailey get caught in a 2 inch
           downpour, splashed by a car.

8/2/98     Liz bears her testimony at church. We come home and   
           find a box from Andy on our porch. We enjoy looking
           at pictures. Mom decides to fix his pants instead
           of making a quilt out of them.
8/6/98     Andy said to give Liz a "high five" by proxy for her
           Elder Barrow and Bailey help people "move in."
           They attend Zone Preparation Day in Grand Island.
           Elders play lazer tag.
           Following-up on media referrals.
           Their district is going to make a flag - standard
           of truth.                          
8/13/98    Andy gets package from home - mended pants, dried     
           fruit and garments. For prep. day the Elders go to
           Champions and play on go-carts and jungle gym. Andy
           has to turn down a jetski ride offer.
8/20/98    Andy makes a tape. "Ha" about Robin getting pulled
           over. Andy goes to Kool-Aid Days.
8/27/98    They teach Lori, a single mother with 3 kids.
           Zone Conference time.
           Andy kills a bat.
           Andy does the LEVITATION trick. Elder Escalante is
           surprised.  Marla Mercer is a primary teacher.
           That is the most the mission has ever done!
9/3/98     Andy send Lizzy Bee a necklace made from Young
           Women's Values Colors and a golden E on it for her
           12th birthday.
           Andy goes to Grand Island for prep. day. They play
           football and bowled.
           Lori has read to Alma in BoM. She and her son
           attend church.
           Elder Barrow is his & one half mo.
           He is from Ogden, Utah.
9/10/98    Monopoly and lasagna party for Elders.
           Lori Crooks has the 4th discussion.
           Elder Young and Andy play chess...Andy wins.
           Andy finishes reading Mormon section.
           Sleeping Andy = Eccl.5:12
9/17/98    NEW COMPANION is Elder MORROW.
           Andy is DISTRICT LEADER in Beatrice over six.
           Beatrice has 13,000 people.
           He has a fulltime car!!
           Soccer coaches = Elder Bailey  Elder Morrow.
           Bathroom = one and a half Elder Baileys by
           three fourths Elder Baileys..arms extended.
9/20/98    Lori and Sky get baptized back in Hastings.
           Reading Alma 32 convinced her...
9/24/98    Andy in Beatrice received forwarded mail
           of Tabernacle, many-stamped letter. Smile.
           He catches a catfish but lets it go.
           Elder Morrow is going to baptize Erika Hess on
           October 10th.
           HARVEST WEEK - challenge 10 for baptism.
9/28/98    Letters home from Pres. Pocock praising Andy's
           success in memorizing the first and second
           discussion, completing the six chapters of the
           Missionary Guide, memorizing scriptures, and
           reading the entire Book of Mormon, and keeping
           the mission rules.
           "Andy is a powerful tool in the hand of the Lord
           to bring the conversion experience to the elect.
           I am privileged to have the opportunity to serve
           with him."        Pres. Pocock
  What scripture in BoM would make submarine drivers afraid?
                                   1 Nep 17:50
10/1/98    Soon Andrew out 10 months!  
           Elder Morrow and Bailey coach soccer.
           Police check out hard-working Elders.
           Turtle City! Andy wants one.
10/8/98    Beat mission goal - 16 discussions taught.
           Teach Ruth and Leroy in Blue Rapids, Kansas.
           An 80 year old lady is taught.
10/15/98   District leader training in Auburn.
           On the 14th Elder Morrow went to Omaha.
           He is from Loomis, California.
           Erika baptized by her father-in-law. later reception.
           Winning 5th grade soccer players.
10/22/98   On Prep Day all the Elders go to Lincoln and play
           football on Husker Field.
           Teaching Holly Dodge and Donita Bailey.
           Erika confirmed on Sunday.
10/29/98   In for Halloween to play Axis and Allies.
           Prep-day: Mountain biking in Fairbury, BBQ steaks.
           Part-member family: The Williams being taught.
           Elders Sanders and Bailey switch name-tags for        
           Halloween. Service - book sorting at the Library.
           Andy dreams he came home at the year point for a
           two-three day stay. "I'm out of my area!"
11/5/98    ELEVEN MONTH MARK!!!!  
           William's family is still taking the discussions.
           Pastor tries to convert Elder Bailey and Sanders.     
11/12/98   Zone Conference in Auburn. Andy's talk on charity.
           Andy gets a flu shot and feels sick.
           Mr. Williams prays about church. Andy wants Elder
           Sanders to baptize him.
           On Veteran's Day they help put up 200 flags around
11/19/98   Callan Williams is set to be baptized on November 21.
           Elder Bailey and Sanders clean!
11/26/98  Thanksgiving 1998!  Two dinners for Elder Bailey and   
          Sanders. Andy will have Elder Sanders as a companion
          until Elder Sanders goes home January 7th.
          Elder Sanders baptizes Bro. Callan Williams. Elder 
          Bailey confirms him.
11/26/98 Cheryl is taking discussions.
         Andy gets 27 page letter from Robin.
         Andy wears out his first pair of missionary shoes!
12/3/98  A year since Andy entered the MTC.
         Prep-day: played baseball.
         Mission Goal: Gift to the Savior = Baptisms
         Cheryl Phillips set for baptism on 26 December 1998
         60 Degrees in Beatrice.
12/10/98 Elder Sander's birthday.
         Helped decorate the William's House with lights.
         Christmas Zone Conference on 11th. Andy's district
         sing "With Wondering Awe."
         Tracted with a puppy dog.
12/17/98 Elder Bailey and Elder Sanders make a video.
         Andy has a fender bender.
         Cheryll and Landra Phillips will be baptized the day
         after Christmas.

12/25/98 Andy calls home at 7 a.m. on Christmas. He wakes us all 
         up = awesome surprise. We talk for about four hours.
12/26/98 Elder Bailey baptizes Landra. Elder Sanders baptizes
         Cheryll.  They are from Indiana...they were in Nebraska
         visiting a brother.  This was Elder Bailey's
         and Elder Sander's gift to Christ for Christmas.
12/31/98 Andy writes a letter that takes a week and a half to
         get to Vernal.
         Andy uses "y-all" and "reckon" in his letter.
         He writes,
         "We fish ewe a mare egrets moose and a hippo gnu deer."
         H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R   1999!!!!!!
01/07/99 Elder Sanders is home in California.
         Elder Reynolds is a new companion.
         Elder Bailey feels stressed and nervous.
         Media Referral April Outz has a discussion.
         Thermals and cold weather go together great.
0l/14/99 Zone Conference on the 15th.
         Andy sends an 8 foot windmill.
01/21/99 Taught the Brakes in Blue Rapids, Kansas.
         April Brakes may write to Liz.
         Elder Reynolds burns rice..."holy smoke."
         Elders teach RLDS, Cleo.
         Cheryll, Landra,Callan, Erika are doing well.
01/28/99 Third discussion with Peggy Wolfe in Blue Rapids
         Kansas. Fellowshipping the Walters Family.
         RLDS, Cleo comes to church. Three kids (8,7,10)
         come to church. Elders meet Bill who was stripping
         copper from wires.
         Andy had a dream in the mission field that he came
         home and Vernal was being turned into a big, fun
         park called Fun City. It was brightly colored.
2/4/99   Gene R. Cook tapes. Alma 26:22; Alma 26-37, D&C  4 
         Elder chance to meet Sister Tyler who had joined
         in Las Vegas.  Teaching the Roods with a 5 year
         old with ADD and Terretts.
         The Buntings leave the mission field for Bountiful.
         D&C 88    Alma 26:22
2/18/99  Elder Reynolds has flu - miss zone conference.
         Elders Reynolds and Bailey will be moving
         into missionary couple's apartment.
         Andy sands some rusty metal frames and his
         arms become rusty brown. Andy will be in Beatrice for   
         six more weeks. Pres. Pocock comes to church in
         Beatrice o interview the Elders. Job 5:17
         Work in Wilbur, Nebraska.
         Fairbury Elders: Elder Jones and Elder Hoffman.
         Cheryll and children move back to Indiana.
2/11/99  Auburn meeting with Zone Leader.
         Sister Tyler taking stop-smoking program.
         Tracy found a second time. Peggy Wolfe taught
         by Elder Huddleston while Elder Reynolds distracts
         her children.  II Nephi 12:16
2/25/99  Elder Bailey and Elder Reynolds are in a new
         apartment on Elk Street.  Andy loses his ATM card.       
         Service time in Kansas at Habitat Thrift. Taught Duane   
         Rood family.
03/4/99  There are 200 missionaries in the NOM.
         The Beatrice Elders like their new apartment
         since it is quiet and dark at night.
         Elders moving across town. Elders teach
         primary. Elders are "getting along."
         Cleo, RLDS, comes to church. Bro. Garner
         challenges her to be baptized.
         Teaching Holly Dodge and Peggy Wolfe.
         Trip to Lincoln Thrift Store.
03/11/99 Paula Newman's baptism is on "hold" due to
         surgery. Paula is from a part-member family.
         Elder Reynolds and Elder Bailey = Tom & Jerry.
         A whistle from Andy.
         Andy bears his testimony in church.
         It snows in Beatrice.
         Andy thinks March is his last month in Beatrice.
03/17/99 Went to Pawnee City and met Miners who were
         raising six grandkids.
         Investigators: Tracy Reinke, Paul Payne, Peggy Wolfe
         and Paula Newman (surgery).
03/25/99 Had Zone Conference on March 18 and heard Elder         
         Johnson (English accent) from the area presidency.
         Teach the inactives!
         Teaching Delores Smith, media referral.
         Also teaching Peggy Wolfe.
04/01/99 ANDY IS IN O M A H A!  He is thrilled!  Ready for
         a change. NEW  COMPANION,  Elder Litchfield, from
         Alberta, and a half months in the field.
         Andy's district = Oakview/Rich Area.
         Awesome institute building.
         Andy thinks that Delores Smith from Beatrice will join.
         Easter package fun with paddle balls.
         Andy sends home his worn-out missionary shoes and       
04/08/99 Happy Birthday to Robin!  Twelve year old boy is        
         BAPTIZED. Andy is driving the car again.
         Missionaries in the Zone are "Teaching Their
         Andy tells about an apostate Trinity Lutheran Pastor
         who used to be an LDS Missionary.
         Twenty pages a day = delicious scriptures.
         Pool-playing Elders at the Institute!
04/15/99 Discussion Jeopardy at Zone Conference.
         Andy likes the discussion tapes from dad.
         Tracting apartment complexes.
         Playing pool at the Institute.
04/22/99 Many NOM missionaries going home in June.
         Andy explains policy of teaching at dinner
         to the Relief Society.
         They are teaching Chris Miller.
         Sleep for missionaries - Eccl. 5:12
04/29/99 Andy has a stellar week. Elders teaching RLDS Beth and
         Sarah (18) Vanbecelaere.  Sarah accepts baptism
         Chris Miller challenged.
05/06/99 Happy Mother's Day from Andy.
         Andy hurts his ankle playing basketball.
         Andy looks forward to Mother's Day Talk.
05/13/99 Andy sends "The Book of Missionary."
         Elder Litchfield transferred to a different part of
         NEW COMPANION - Elder Janeck from Portland, Oregon.
         Pancake party as Elders wait for transfers.
         Janeck has been out 10 months.
         Marla's mother is baptized...wheelchair and all.
         Elders working with Chris Miller.
         Good-bye to some departing Elders.
         Andy's district becomes bigger - includes sisters.
         Biking Elders are asked to leave parking lot.
05/20/99 Andy treats Elders to pizza on his birthday.
         Andy is 21 years old.
         Andy helps present training at Zone Conference.
         Andy = quivering like a naked ninety-year old hiding
         behind a leaf.
         Birthday balloons from McGraws.
         $40 from Connie  $30 from Granny and Nath
         Elders working with the Kent Family (Rose & Bill)
05/27/99 Andy receives five letters.
         Andy loves  his new suit.
         Andy and his companion help two other Elders who
         aren't getting along.
06/03/99 (TAPE TO HOME) Elders are going to go to the IMAX
         Theatre and Zoo.
         They are working with Rose and Sarah.
         Elder Bailey is at Elder Bailey's Apt.
         30 Golden Questions a day.
         Eight missionaries in his district:
Janeck, Stoddard, Ward, Sis. Hibbart, Sis.Pack,
         Jones, Kline.
         Answering Machine Trick on Sisters.
06/10/99 Andy receives package of cookies, pretzels.
         Elders are going to a district BBQ with
         Elders are on bikes in heat and humidity.
         Pres.Pocock as a Youth cartoon.
         Sarah wants to be baptized.
06/17/99 Andy is teaching Jenny who is mostly deaf.
         She will go to Texas Christian University.
         They are teaching Rose Kent.
         Elders went to Zone Conference.
         Elder Karren, AP, is going home: John 15:13
         Elders go to College World Series Baseball Game.
06/24/99 Rose Kent will be baptized on July 4, 1999.
         She owns a bar.
         NEW COMPANION - ELDER GREYSON from Nampa, Idaho.
         He has red hair, 6 ft. 3 in. Elder Janeck is still
         in Omaha.
         Andy likes the tape from home.
         Sharing the Gospel - greatest joy. II Tim.1:7-8
         Great ward mission leaders.
07/1/99 Elders go to the zoo and aquarium.
        Elders excited about a temple in Omaha.
        Andy Williams, 18 year old to be BAPTIZED!!!!
07/08/99 Andy training new missionary, Elder Greyson.
         Andy and Rose both DELAY their baptisms.
         Elder Stoddart and Taylor go home.
         Andy takes a picture of LUCY MORLEY'S plaque.
         Andy has a hot Fourth of July.
07/15/99 Missionaries play volleyball, pool, ping-pong, chess
         on prep day.
         Elders are still working with Rose and Andy.
         Andy feels the weight of missionary work.
         At Zone Conference Pres. Pocock tells the missionaries
         to pray for increased FAITH.
         Andy gives training on planning.
         Elder Haderlie gave a presentation on the ATONEMENT.
         Andy writes special entry in his journal.
         Cheryll Phillips husband, Bill, in BEATRICE will
         probably be baptized.
07/22/99 Missionaries are working with Californian Steve Riggs
         to help prepare him for a mission.
         Grayson on rollerblades.
         Service project to paint a lady's house. Service
         project to send 1,000 quilts and toys to Oklahoma.
         Interviews with Pres. Pocock.
         Apartment building tracting.
07/29/99 Elders BBQ STAKES by a lake.
         Service project painting a house.
         Elders teaching Craig.
         Andy interview Dave by the spirit John 14:26
         Dave's crazy drive through town - no traffic
         lights working.
         "Coming through! I got HOLY MEN in here."
         Andy loves missionary life. "I love it here."
08/05/99 John and LaRue's 22 Wedding Anniversary!
         Elders are teaching Craig Van De Walle.
         He is set for baptism on Saturday.
         Elders see departing missionaries off...bye
         to cool Elder Wells.
         About missionaries going home: "I feel
         like an old man who is talking about all
         his friends and relatives who have passed
         Elder Bailey is reading in Matthew.
         Elders go to an art museum.
         Elders enjoy huge free slices of bread.
08/12/99 Elder Bailey and Grayson get wet in 10 inches
         of rain. Swimming photo of Grayson.
         Craig Van De Walle is BAPTIZED!!!
         Andy see our Web Site.
         Andy hears about Tornado.
         Andy starts making a Missionary Apartment
         Flip Chart.
08/26/99 Andy decides to fly to SLC instead of into Vernal.
         Craig and Elders go to Mormon Trail Center.
         Andy gets his SPRINT papers.
         Elders spend five hours sheet-rocking a
         Habitat for Humanity House.
         Elders find Rita in Trailor Court.
         Elders help set up for a garage sale.
         Andy write his tree poem.
09/03/99 Andy sends Liz a penny with a footprint on it.
         Birthday postcard, and birthday card.
09/09/99 Andy has been in the Omaha Area almost six
         months.  They are working with Rita. Elders
         tract in a trailor to former
         Hell's Angel. Elders trade Book of Mormon
         for salsa.   Elders place "free" pamphlets
         with contacts. Elders still working with
         Rose Kent.
                     D.C. 128:22
09/16/99 Andy leaves Oakview Area in Omaha.
         He was transferred on Sept. 15, l999.
         Before leaving he and Elder Greyson went
         to The Mormom Trail Center with Rita.
         ELDER BOYD (trombone player)is his new companion.
         Andy spends part of prep-day at Husker Stadium.
         Andy has an injured ankle...plays football anyway.
09/19/99 MTC Elder Bracken is his Zone Leader.
         Andy reading Book of John.              
09/30/99 Sister Nelson asks Andy if he is going to be a
         therapist since the Elders counciled her how to
         share the gospel.
         Andy meets someone who thinks people on earth are
         being farmed by aliens.
         Elders meet man named Precious from Nigeria.
         Elders watch all of conference.
         Elder start teaching Peg, and Shannon.
         Andy makes a tape for the Primary.
         Elders start "new approaches."
10/14/99 Elders talk to people as they enter stadium for game.
         Elders teach Edie Marshall (Catholic)
         George Harrison,(mason) and Heidi 21 yr. old.
         Elder Bailey hits a dog with his bike = both get
         a scare. Andy is still battling his fungus. It is
         called "Tinea Versicolor."
10/21/99 Andy enjoys Lincoln, Nebraska and his companion
         Elder Boyd and his cheesecake. Elders continue to teach
         George Harrison and Edie.    Andy makes a cry-baby lemon
         pie - it is very tart! Front porch Bible-bash!
         Elders go bowling. Andy uses stinky lotion once a month
         from neck to knees to rid himself of fungus.
         Edie has read to Mosiah.
         "Pizza without the works is dead."

10/28/99 Elders Bailey and Boyd give Sister Mitchell, church     
         organist, a blessing concerning her knee.  She is able  
         to come  to church - a miracle.
         Elders are still working with Edie Marshall, Heidi,
         and George.
         Andy is fixing up his bike.

         Elder Andy Bailey receives word about Elder Robin Bailey
         going on a mission to Washington, D.C. North Mission.   

11/05/99 Andy buys shiny new shoes. Elder Boyd may be transfered.
         Andy is happy he will see Robin before Robin leaves.
         Everyone who came out with Andy have gone home!!!
         Andy wants to baptize!

11/11/99 Elder Bailey's new companion is ELDER JOHNSON from
         Idaho Falls = fresh out of the MTC. Andy learns from
         this awesome, humble, new missionary as he teaches with
         pure heartfelt testimony. Both of them are tall.
         Elder Bailey and Johnson meet PSYCHIC couple named Julia
         and Larry...they teach them a 1st Discussion and leave
         a Book of Mormon.
         Andy is working on being bold.

11/18/99 Elder Bailey is to receive the Celestial Missionary     
         Award at the next Zone Conference! Pres.Pocock sends
         a letter that said, "All of our missionaries recognize
         the great effort that has been put forth to earn this
         award.  We are so proud of him and I am sure you share
         these feelings with us."
         Mike and Melany, less-actives, come to church...they
         haven't attended for 17 years. He will soon get the
         Melchizedek Priesthood.
         They begin teaching the Torghele Family..he is a member.
         Also working with Michelle, Kesha. The Elders make a
         great team. They are working in a poorer area. Heidi
         is taking lessons from the sisters as is Nicole Hope.
         Elders are writing a Star Wars skit for the Christmas   
         Zone Conference about Obi Wan Pocock, Santa Vader, and
         Elder Skywalker.

11/22/99 Elder Grayson writes and misses Elder Bailey. He said
         that Brittney Rae Hersha, daughter of L.Leeds was
         baptized. Elder Bailey and Grayson contacted her on
         November 9th, l999.

11/26/99 Thanksgiving Day Andy's Zone meet and played football.
         Elders shop and go to two Thanksgiving Dinners.
         Elders teach Cindy a Fourth Discussion.
         They teach Charlie an African American.
         Andy dislikes the mailbox stuffing at the hospital!

11/27/99 Ground Breaking for the Omaha Temple at Winter Quarters.
         Andy attends. Mike and Melany probably will take the
         Elders to the ground breaking ceremony.

ANDY WILL FLY FROM OMAHA TO ST.LOUIS 8:15-9:30 a.m. December 23
THEN HE WILL FLY   ST.LOUIS to SLC  11:13-1:25 p.m. December 23
12/02/99 Andy will attend Zone Conference on December 6th where
         he and Elder Johnson will do a skit about Obi Wan Pocock
         Santa Vader and Elder Skywalker. Andy will receive the
         Celestial Missionary Award.
         They are teaching Cindy and Steve. He is excited about
         them.  The Elders attend a Hospital Volunteer Christmas
         Dinner....Andy wins a hardbound Jokebook containing
         2,000 jokes.
         Andy's faith is increasing so much!

12/09/99 Only two weeks left in the mission field!
         Andy attends Zone Conference on Dec.6th.
         The Elders: Bailey    = Obi Wan Pocock
                     Johnson   = Elder Skywalker
                     Fowler    = Darth Santa
                     Landmeier = Thug 1
                     Cline     = Thug 2
                     Hepworth  = Bartender
                     Estes     = Han Halladay
                     Mabey     = Elder Mabey
                     Jones     = Elder Jones
         Present the skit "Santa Wars" at Zone Conference.
         It was a classic! Everyone laughed and enjoyed!!
         The Elders continue to teach Cindy, Crista, Samuel.
         The Elders go bowling and visit the mall.
         Andy sends out Christmas Cards!

12/16/99 Elder Bailey writes his final letter home!
         He loved being a missionary in Nebraska.
         They set Shalla for baptism on Dec.25th.
         The Elders have a BBQ in the freezing cold.
         Andy is sad to leave but happy to see the
         Rocky Mountains again so mom will wear a

         sign that says "Rocky Mountains."     

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