Thursday, August 13, 2015

Omaha Trip So Far

We left Vernal last Tuesday to take Liz, Owen and Oliver to Omaha. On the way we stopped at a park in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to let the kids get out and run around for a bit. It was a pretty nice park.

Oliver found some things to investigate.

We made it as far as Laramie, Wyoming, that day. We stayed at what can best be described as a 2 star motel - America's Best Value Inn. Here's a couple of selfies of LaRue and I on the morning of our 38th wedding anniversary the next day.

Then it was get back in the car and head east again. Here's Liz, Owen and LaRue:

Before leaving Laramie we stopped at a McDonalds. Oliver gobbled down a hamburger.

Dead flies in the window next to where we were sitting.

We had to take a couple of breaks at Rest Areas. Here's LaRue by a big rock.

Technically, she's not standing on the grass. But she did walk on it. Anarchist!

In North Platte, Nebraska, there's a neat park and some rides. Here's everybody but me on the merry-go-round.

Here we are on Friday night at the Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City for the Deep Purple concert. I have waited 42 years to finally see Deep Purple.

We had really good seats just a few rows back from the stage.

The opening band was Black Oak Arkansas. They have not aged well and were not very good. Fortunately, they only played for about 30 minutes. 

Getting the stage ready for Deep Purple.

Deep Purple makes their entrance.

They really put on a good show. A mix of older and newer tunes. These guys still have it.

One evening we went to the Old Market in Omaha. It's a area that features a lot of antique/vintage stores. There was this store - Hollywood Candy - which had lots of goodies and some cool vintage items for sale.

Some of the older buildings in the area.

Owen had to go check out the horses at the carriage ride.

Yesterday we took Owen to see his first movie in a theater. He saw Inside Out and really liked it.

The boys playing in the little playhouse in the backyard.

Here we are getting hot dogs and churros at Costco.

At the Hy-Vee grocery store they have these orchids in glass and hanging from the ceiling.

It's been a fun trip so far. Not sure what else we will do before heading home.