Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Little Outside Work

LaRue raked up and sorted through a pile of apples. There's a big pot simmering on the stove making the house smell great.

John attacked a rather large bush that lived at the corner of the house.

Other than that - John is just getting over a bout of cold/laryngitis that shut down his voice for a few days. LaRue has been working outside doing some painting and yard work. And she's been playing with her new leaf blower (she overworked the old one and it died).

Monday, October 15, 2007

LaRue's Birthday

In addition to the big film festival, this weekend was also LaRue's birthday! She and I went to Provo by way of Ephraim. In Ephraim LaRue and I spent a few hours with the chainsaw cutting wood for her fireplace along with fixing a wheelbarrow and leveling her stove. Nath had prepared a nice meal and picked up a cake for LaRue. Then it was on to Provo for the film festival and another birthday celebration.

Robin, Emily and the kids along with Liz all came down from Logan for the birthday and the showing of Butterflies.

Here are just a few pictures from the birthday - LaRue's Birthday.

Final Cut 2007

This last weekend was the final showing of Final Cut 2007, the annual film festival by students in the BYU Department of Theater and Media Arts.

This year Andy's film project Butterflies was shown under the Advanced Narrative Student Projects catagory.

LaRue and I went to Provo and attended the festival at the BYU campus. It was awesome. All the films were very well done.

When Butterflies was showing the audience laughed more than they had during any of the others. And I heard people around us commenting on much they liked it. It was really nice for Andy to sit in the theater and have the audience really enjoy his film.

Butterflies is the story of a shy little boy who gets "butterflies in his stomach" when he has to participate in Show and Tell at school. He has to conquer his fear by getting the butterflies out of his stomach. Although I'm probably prejudiced, I thought it was a very funny and touching film.

I have scanned the Final Cut program and you can see it here - Final Cut 2007.