Saturday, February 23, 2013

Newspaper Clippings

We clipped these from the newspaper. We thought the one about car thefts was interesting and the cartoon was funny.img018


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Roy and Phantom

A few weeks ago I took an extra day off work and we drove out to Roy to visit Robin, Emily and the kids for a couple of days. On the way home we went to Provo to the BYU performance of Phantom of the Opera. It was fantastic. LaRue has a short write-up further down in this entry.

Here are some pictures we took of the trip.

Emily has been busy crocheting. 

Robin did some molds of Emily's hand.

Oops...I got the picture sideways. This is one of Robin's hands.

Here's Quinley.

Brighton wanted me to play chess with him. He has a good grasp of the basic moves and the concept of capturing the king.

Mealtime for Quinley.

Chris and Brighton are playing a game on Robin's Kindle Fire.

Quinley on the table.

Just me.

Emily is a crack-up.

Too cute.

KD and Josh eating rice balls.

That's KD inside that jacket.

We made a batch of pretzels this trip.

Signs Emily make for the boys.

Now I'm turning it over to LaRue for a few words about Phantom.

We get updates from BYUArts so when we found out that Phantom was coming John reserved two tickets.  Since we called shortly after tickets went on sale – we got seats on the front row.  We were lucky as all the performances soon were SOLD OUT out from January 18th to February 2nd.  BYU was the first to get academic performance rights to present PHANTOM!  It was in the de Jong Concert Hall where we had heard Brian Stokes Mitchell sing in September 2010.   It had a cast of 44 actors with 40 in the symphony orchestra. The costumes and set were lavish. The singers were all thrilling to hear. The special effects and surprises made it all the more enjoyable.   We had seen Tim Cooper (Raoul) and DeLaney Westfall ( Christine ) perform with the BYU Young Ambassadors at the Homecoming Spectacular in October 2011 in Provo.  While waiting outside the concert hall John and I happened to see and meet  Gabriel Lee, singer and dancer.  He performed in the BYU Spectacular.  We talked to him for about 15 minutes.  It was so exciting to meet him and tell him how much we enjoyed his performances.  Also while waiting a BYU student came up and sang for us.  It was such a great day for us.

Finally, here are links to a couple of newspaper articles about the BYU presentation of Pahntom:

Phantom article #1

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