Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bye, Bye Red Chevy

Over the weekend we had some visitors. Liz and Gary came to help LaRue with her moving at school. Andy, Robin and Brighton drove out to pick up the 1969 Chevy Impala and tow it back to Provo for Andy.

Saturday morning the boys pushed the car into the street and then got it positioned so they could work on it and hook up a tow bar:

Andy and Robin tinkered under the hood and got it to start and run. They had to replace the fuel filter and associated tubing:

We have the tow bar assembled and hooked up to the Chevy's bumper:

All connected to Robin's truck:

Pulling the car away to go to Provo:

So long, Chevy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy Heart

A couple of weeks ago I got a Blockbuster gift card from one of the police departments. It was good for one rental. So I picked out Crazy Heart based on the fact that Jeff Bridges got the Oscar as best actor for it.

In my opinion the Oscar was well justified. Bridges did an amazing job as the broken down country singer/songwriter. The movie portrays his life and his redemption. One impressive part of the movie was that Bridges did the singing. And I pretty sure he played the guitar as well.

Normally I'm not a country music fan, but some of the lyrics of the songs were so profound that we bought the soundtrack.

Besides, I'm kind of a sucker for movies about musicians even if they're not real.

The movie is rated R for language and it's on my "buy it" list.