Saturday, July 30, 2005

Old Blue Truck

Sometime last year (I can't remember when exactly) Liz managed to drive the truck home and she said the steering had bound up. It would turn a bit and then the steering wheel would lock up. So, we parked it until we could get it checked.
Many moons go by and I was talking to a fellow I work with. He once had an old truck just like it. He had a steering problem and had to take it apart and rebuild it. And, "would you like me to come over and take a look at it?"
Several more weeks go by before our schedules are compatible enough to get together. When we do, we pull the steering column out and remove the steering shaft. The shaft it pretty worn out. I manage to get new bearings through the Ford dealer since the auto parts stores couldn't get them. I got a new shaft from an auto salvage place.
A couple of more weeks go by and we finally get together again to replace the steering shaft and put it all back together. Well, it still jams.
Steering box. Back to the salvage to get a box. Another few days before we can get together again.
Finally last night we get the whole thing replaced and put together again (third time). AND IT WORKS!!
So, the old truck is up and running once again!

Now I'm in the process of swapping out some car stereos. Take the good stereo out of the non-driveable car and put it into the Impala that has a flakey stereo.

Next week it's build-a-shed-time! Yippee!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Another Graduation Picture

I have another picture from Liz's graduation. It's a group shot of her graduating class. You can click the Bailey Acres Extras link on the right or click here.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

More Pictures

I have put together a little photo album of our Logan trip to meet Kjerstine. Go check out the Bailey Acres Photo Galleries, or click Trip to Logan to go directly to the photos.

Baby Pictures

I have posted some of the pictures of Baby Kjerstine (Kier-ston). You can see larger images by clicking the link under Bailey Acres Extras on the right -

I will soon have a much better collection posted to the photo galleries (probably tomorrow). I will post a new entry when it if ready.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

New Site

I have upgraded the blog software. It will take me a little while to get everything put together again.