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Some Christmas 2006 Pictures

I have put together a pictures taken over the Christmas 2006 holiday.

Here is a brief rundown of the pictures -
First LaRue and I went to Provo to see Andy and Laurie before they flew to Seattle for Christmas. Then on the Saturday after Christmas LaRue, Liz and I drove to Provo to meet up with Don, Laura, Nath, Andy and Laurie for lunch at the Chuck-A-Rama.
Following that LaRue, Liz and I followed Andy and Laurie up to Salt Lake City to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to see the film - Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration.
That evening we spent 90 minutes walking through Temple Square looking at the Christmas lights.

When we get some film back from being developed I will have some more to add. But for now here's what we have so far -
Christmas 2006