Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Reunion

Over the August 1st weekend all the descentdants of LaRue's parents - Paul and Ruth Hansen - gathered at the Great Basin Experiment Station above Ephraim for a first ever reunion to celebrate what would have been Paul's 100th birthday.

The station is located at approximately 10,000 feet in the mountains outside Ephraim in the Manti LaSal forest. Paul was one of the men who worked at the station. He retired after 40 years with the Forest Service.

Here's a list of attendees:

Nathalie Hansen

Laura & Don McGraw
Adrienne McGraw & Marcus Young with Patrick
Holly & Teddy Perez with Sage
Rachel & Jason Buchholz with Hawthorne

LaRue & John Bailey
Andy & Laurie Bailey with Asher
Robin & Emily Bailey with Brighton, KD, Christopher & Joshua
Elizabeth & Gary Millett

That Friday everyone except Andy, Laurie, Asher, Liz and Gary arrived in Ephraim. The next morning the rest of the kids showed up and everyone drove up into the mountains to the station. We got things put into the houses where we were staying the night. Robin set up a large tent for the kids.
Most of the folks took off on a hike to the area of the beaver dams. Afterward a large buffet dinner was prepared. there was a lot of visiting followed by a special DVD presentation that Andy put together with some old pictures of Paul and Ruth Hansen. It was a really nice slideshow set to music. Nath passed out binders she had put together with information and their parents. LaRue also had packets for everyone to add to the binders.
In the evening everyone gathered behind the houses for a campfire and marshmallow roast.
The next day it was a nice breakfast followed by more visiting and picture taking.
On Sunday afternoon people began packing things up for the return to Ephraim. Marcus and Patrick left early in the afternoon to catch their flight back to California.
Later LaRue, Andy, Robin and Liz drove to an area called the Frog Pond to hike around some more.
At the end of the weekend we all drove back down to Ephraim. Andy, Laurie and Asher opted to drive back to Provo. Liz and Gary also returned to Provo. LaRue and I stayed another night in Ephraim.

There were a lot of fun things that happened and much more than I can write about here. So let's go to the pictures.

We all took pictures and I have put together just a few of almost 500 pictures taken by me, Liz and Don. Here's a link tot he photos: Family Reunion Pictures