Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Final Paycheck

LaRue received her final paycheck from the Uintah School District today via direct deposit. And it was a big one. Here's an image from the online account access from today:

Yep, one cent. I don't know how we're going to spend all that money.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Time

The other night LaRue and I decided to go to a movie. It was really an excuse to get out of the house; not because we really wanted to see this movie. But it was the best of the current crop showing here.

One word review - mediocre.

We saw it in 3D and I think it would have been better looking in 2D. There was nothing special about the 3D. And I thought the movie looked a bit "washed out". Maybe that was due to the sub-par theater.

The movie was nothing like the Green Hornet of the old radio shows, the 1940's movie serials or even the old tv program. I would recommend any of those other versions over this film.

Bottom line: it's not something I would buy or even rent.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Report 2010

Kind of a hectic Christmas at Bailey Acres this year.
Robin, Emily, Brighton, KD, Christopher and Joshua came out on Wednesday the 22nd. They went back to Roy on Friday the 24th.
Gary and Liz drove out Thursday the 23rd and were here until Sunday the 26th. They flew to Missouri to visit his parents on Monday.
Andy, Laurie and Asher came on Christmas Eve and returned to Provo Monday the 27th.
So, we had kids coming and going all weekend long. Fortunately, their travels overlapped enough so that everyone got to see everyone else.

While the kids were here Gary helped me pull out the dryer and replace a part on the back of the drum. So we have a functioning dryer once again. Gary and I also had to realign the satellite dish since the roof installers knocked it a little out of whack. Then Andy and I put a plastic barrier over an exposed section of the back patio to keep the weather out.

Okay, let's get to some pictures.

Here's Joshua and Grandma having a discussion about something:

Liz gets a chuckle:

A couple pictures of baskets filled with goodies from Robin and Emily:

Here's little Santa Asher:

The Christmas tree:

LaRue opens a couple of presents from the kids. The notebook and the mug had custom images on them inscribed with a couple of her "favorite" sayings:

Andy with an unopened box of Garbage Pail Kids cards that Laurie found on eBay:

Asher playing with his new parking garage:

Then this last Tuesday the 28th LaRue and I drove to Provo. The next day we all met at the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City to attend the IMAX showing of the film that Andy was the main animator for:

It was neat that it was Asher's first movie experience and it was a movie made by his father.

At the planetarium they had a couple of off world landscapes. Here's Asher on the moon:

And here he is on Mars:

LaRue and I had to wait until Friday morning to drive back to Vernal. There were two days of big snow storms and we couldn't travel through the canyons.
LaRue took a few pictures as we drove home:

All in all it was a good holiday. Now to see what 2011 has in store.