Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas 2011

Note ** This entry has a LOT of images.

A few days before Christmas LaRue and I drove to Roy to visit Robin and Emily and the kids. We spent a couple of nights there before returning to Vernal.

Here's me and my buddy Joshua:

Emily was busy creating some cool boards with designs and kids names:

Here's a happy K.D.:

And Brighton:

Robin and Emily made these coverings for the kids' bunk beds. Here's the boys:

And here's K.D.'s:

Got a picture of Emily in the kitchen:

Some sort of discussion between Emily and Chris:

On Thursday Robin took us to Hill Air Force Base and we stopped near a runway and watched a jet do repeated landings and take-offs:

Robin and Emily's Christmas tree:

On Thursday night after Gary and Liz arrived we drove to Temple Square to see the lights. Here are KD, Robin and Brighton:

Now Liz and Gary:

Some shots of the lights:

Here are Brighton, Robin, Gary and Liz (KD is with LaRue):


LaRue had to use a wheelchair and KD rode on her lap:

Now to interrupt the pictures to relate an incident that happened in Roy. We got up Thursday morning and found a parking ticket on our car! $35 for parking on the street during winter.
Well, LaRue and I went to the Roy city court and police department. We got them to lower the cost to $5 by arguing that we were visiting their city and had no idea of their regulations and ordinances. And nowhere is it posted. The next night we parked in a neighbor's driveway.

Friday LaRue and I drove back to Vernal. Gary and Liz also drove out later that day.
Here's Liz by our Christmas tree:

Gary and Liz:

Here's me and LaRue:

Some of the Christmas presents included a crib set and baby clothes for Gary and Liz's soon to be baby boy:

On Monday the 26th Andy, Laurie, Asher & Rowan came to Vernal. Then Robin and family also drove out.
While the boys were together Robin, Andy and Asher took Robin's remote control plane out for a flight:

Before Robin and company went back to Roy we managed to get everyone together at the park for a whole family group picture:

We didn't get around to opening presents for Andy, laurie, Asher and Rowan until Wednesday. Asher unwraps a new car:

Here's Andy holding Rowan and Laurie:

Andy and a happy Rowan in a silly hat:

Asher examines the pictures on the back of the Thomas the Train calendar he got:

Some clothes for Andy:

Andy gave a funny picture:

I'm getting to the point where I have to take my glasses off to read some things. We had a white elephant gift exchange and I got a bottle of Redneck Bubble Bath (it's full of beans):

Andy wound up with a package of "Ass-Kickin' Chili Popcorn":

Me and Rowan:

LaRue and Rowan:

He is a happy baby:

Since January 1st is Asher's birthday we had a little cake for him before they left on Friday:

Asher blows out the candles:

Yummy cake:

Andy and Asher getting ready to leave:

Rowan all snug in his carrier:

Me and Andy saying goodbye:

LaRue and Laurie: