Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movie Night

LaRue and I went to see The Proposal last night. We both loved it. It was funny, cute and really enjoyable. Yes, the movie was predictable, but it was a fun show. Highly recommended. We intend to purchase this one when it is released.

On another note, we saw this cartoon in the Salt Lake Tribune about the announcement of the end of Kodachrome film:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shooting Grandpa's Guns

Here's a short video of Robin and LaRue shooting 100 rounds with Paul Hansen's rifles to celebrate his 100th birthday -

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trip to Las Vegas

The trip started Saturday May 30. LaRue and I packed up our stuff and drove to Provo to visit the kids.
We had a nice lunch with Andy and Asher and spent the night with Liz and Gary. During our stay in Provo we invited Andy, Laurie and Asher to go to Las Vegas as well to see the show. LaRue and I had tickets for the 7 PM performance. Andy and Laurie got tickets for the 9:30 PM show. That way we could babysit Asher while they went to the Beatles Love.

The next morning LaRue and I took off for Mesquite where we had reserved a room for the night (cheaper than staying in Las Vegas and only a little over an hour away from Vegas). Andy, Laurie and Asher followed that night so they could travel while Asher was asleep.

The next morning we all journeyed to Las Vegas. Andy had booked a room at the Mirage (where the show is). He made a reservation online for a room with two double beds.

When we got to the Mirage he went in to register. We parked and consulted the map they gave him to find the room. As we rode up to the 26th floor Andy told us that when he registered they told him his reservation for the two double bed room was not available so they upgraded his room for free.

"Guess how big the room is?" Andy asked us as we got off the elevator. "1200 square feet."
Yep, he had been upgraded to a suite! It was really something. (see the pictures)

LaRue and I decided that rather than drive back to Mesquite after the program, we would just camp out with the kids. The two sofas in the suite wer each more than long enough and comfy enough to sleep really well (which we did).

Since we had most of the day to spend in Las Vegas we all did a little walking and sightseeing. We walked down the street to the Bellagio Hotel and saw a cool water fountain music display. Then inside the Bellagio we visited an indoor garden setting. It was really pretty.

The show:
Awesome! The sound system and the music were supurb. The Cirque du Soleil performance was outstanding. I bought the CD/DVD combination of the Beatles Love music about a year ago and seeing the performance with the music was phenomenal. I would say it is a must see for any Beatles or Cirque du Soleil fan. I would love to see it again.

Tuesday LaRue and I traveled to Ephraim. Then it was home on Thursday.

Here's a link to information about the program. Be sure to check the various links there: Beatles Love

Now to the pictures: Trip to Las Vegas

Friday, June 5, 2009


Just a quick entry tonight.

Well, it was quite a show. In a word - awesome! I would love to see it again.

I have some pictures to process and organize for uploading. It will probably be the first of next week. I will also post a longer entry about the entire trip.