Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Neighborhood Visitor

I went to work this morning at 7 AM. And the first thing I dealt with was a visitor in Vernal - a bear!
First he was reported about a block from our house running down the road. Then he was seen in the parking lot of the nearby Smiths Grocery store. Then he was back in the road.
Wildlife officers, deputies and Vernal City police gave chase. The bear ran right up our street in front of our house.
The man who lives across the street walked out to get into his truck and go to work. He didn't even notice the bear until the deputy began honking his horn and hit the siren.
The bear was finally run up a tree in a field north of town. Wildlife officers tranquilized it and returned it back into the forest.
Thanks to one of the deputies I got copies of the pictures he managed to take of the bear. Here's a link to the photo set - Bear Pictures

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Andy's Butterflies - updates

Andy just learned that his short film Butterflies has been accepted as part of the International Children's Film Festival! And it has been selected for a showing at this years Comic Con in San Diego!
It was earlier accepted in the Kid's First Film and Video Festival.

There is a website for the Butterflies movie. Here's a link to get information and a trailer: Butterflies website

Comic Con info: Comic Con

Friday, June 13, 2008

Trip to Ephraim

LaRue, Robin and I took a little trip to Ephraim last week. We spent the better part of a week there doing repair work at the houses and playing in the rain.

Because of the tasks we were undertaking, Robin and I spent our nights camped out in a tent. And it rained every night except one. But the tent was dry.

At one point Robin and I had a couple of items to take to the landfill. So we loaded up and headed to the Ephraim dump. Surprise! It's only open 2 days a week and we picked the wrong day. So we had to turn around and drive about 25 miles south to the dump between Mayfield and Gunnison. Thanks to the rain the dump was a mud bog.

I took a few pictures. I have more which I might post later. But for now here are a few to see: Ephraim Trip Photos

I also added a new version of the pictures using different software. Here's a link to the alternate set: Ephraim Trip Photos - 2

Let me know which set you like better.