Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Little Outside Work

LaRue raked up and sorted through a pile of apples. There's a big pot simmering on the stove making the house smell great.

John attacked a rather large bush that lived at the corner of the house.

Other than that - John is just getting over a bout of cold/laryngitis that shut down his voice for a few days. LaRue has been working outside doing some painting and yard work. And she's been playing with her new leaf blower (she overworked the old one and it died).


Mage said...

And there are leaves as well as apples too. I have a box of jars for you. Maybe I need to get it to Bonita so it will eventually make it's way back to the two of you. Did you say that was apple butter on the stove. Ah, heaven. :)

George said...

That's not a "Leaf Blower", that's an industrial strength duster!

andy said...

woah!! you really attacked that bush! wow it looks so different