Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Carl Bloch Art Exhibit

Last week LaRue and I used my days off to drive to Provo to see the Carl Bloch Art Exhibit at the BYU Museum. That evening we drove up to Roy to check things at Robin's house.

Here's LaRue and me outside the Museum of Art:

Inside the exhibit are some fantastic pictures. This first one is the first one we saw as we walked in. It looks so lifelike and has such depth that I thought it might be a statue instead of a painting. It is about 10 feet high. The rest are just as spectacular. In addition to the large images there were dozens of smaller paintings and sketches.

After spending the night at Robin's house we drove back to Salt Lake and stopped at Temple Square to see the flowers.
Here's LaRue with the Church Office Building in the background:

It was a nice break but a lot of driving for just an overnighter. Now we're looking forward to the next two trips to Provo for Liz's graduation and a week later Gary's graduation.


Mage Bailey said...

Nice stuff, but the graduations are even nicer. :)

LaRue said...

I hate baggy pants.