Monday, April 25, 2011

Liz Graduation

Last week LaRue and I went to Provo for Elizabeth's graduation from BYU.
We were there for both the Commencement and the Convocation. The Commencement was Thursday afternoon with the Convocation on Friday morning.
Here's a few pictures:

The graduates are leaving the Marriott Center after the Commencement talks. Liz is down at the bottom of the steps.

Here she is walking up past us -

Outside the Marriott Center with LaRue -

And with me -

Liz by one of the trees on campus -

Welcome to the Convocation -

Liz walking in during the procession -

And leaving after receiving her diploma -

Liz and Gary -

Just Gary -

LaRue, Liz and me -

LaRue and me by one of the flower planters -

Liz again -

There's the BYU "Y" on the mountain -

Jumping for joy -

Later we went to Red Lobster to celebrate -

That night Liz, Gary and I played a game of Zombie Fluxx -


Mage Bailey said...

Thank you so much for the pictures and the comments. This is wonderful stuff indeed. The last baby has flown the nest. You all should be very proud.

Andy said...

haha that picture of Liz leaping is awesome!