Sunday, June 7, 2015

Robin and Family Visit

Robin had another 3 day weekend so they hitched up the trailer and came out to visit.

In addition to a nice visit, Robin and I got a couple of projects taken care of.

First we shut off the water and replaced the faucets for the bathtub. We had to got a couple of these metal fittings and a couple of new faucet stems:

Then we pulled out the clothes dryer and tore it apart. After a thorough cleaning and testing the motor we replaced the dryer vent hose with a periscope metal vent. We suspect that some of the trouble was due to the flexible hose being severely crimped because of the tight space.
Now it works just fine.

Okay, on to some pictures:

Brighton, Chris and Josh playing the "Fun Machine" organ.

Quinley with a bowl of cherries.

Here's Josh. And it looks like someone found a few Christmas Bears.

Robin and K.D.

Chris is playing a game on my computer. He tried to explain it to me, but Grandpas don't always quite comprehend. 

One exhausted little girl.

Josh and Chris playing a game of Blokus.

Brighton in the trailer playing on his Kindle.

It's the girls' turn to play the organ.

Finally, Robin playing his bagpipes in his Sunday attire.

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