Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ephraim Trip

On my days off this last Sunday and Monday LaRue and I drove to Ephraim. We wanted to go down there and cut some wood.

When we arrived Sunday evening we got there just as Don had finished preparing a batch of his famous enchiladas.

Monday we ventured out back to the wood.

I had brought my little Remington 18 inch electric chain saw.

It did okay, but the wood was too big and hard. The motor burned out. So, we ran over to the Sears store and I picked up a new chainsaw. A Craftsman 20 inch heavy duty gas powered model.

What a much better saw. It cut through the wood with ease.

One of the tree limbs we cut.

I got a little bit of saw dust on me.

Don and me taking a little break.

After cutting a substantial amount of wood, Laura hauled 8 wagon loads to the carport and got it stacked.

After the wood project we bought a new tarp and got Godzilla covered for the winter.

LaRue relaxing with one of the cats.

Some of the flowers.

That evening LaRue and I sat down with Don and Laura and taught them to play both Tzuro and Zombie Dice.

Laura won the game of Tsuro when she played a tile that moved her to safety and knocked Don out of the game. LaRue won the game of Zombie Dice. I was actually ahead and then she managed to pull off a rather miraculous dice roll and beat me.

Following the games we all went to the theater and saw Premium Rush.

It's a fun poppcorn movie. At first it's a little confusing, but it all comes together in the end. Probably a better rental than a theater movie. Crazy chase scenes with bicycles.

Some of the fall colors on the drive home Tuesday morning.

We've been driving through this canyon for almost 40 years. It has never had guard rails until now. So we went through a little construction where they are installing the new rails.


Mage Bailey said...

Simply wonderful pictures in the last few entries.

And who is godzilla?

John said...

Godzilla is Robin's 1970 green LTD.