Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Owen's Blessing

Over the Labor Day weekend LaRue and I flew to Omaha for Owen's naming and blessing. Robin and Chris flew with us and Andy and Asher followed later that evening.
Gary's parents and siblings also drove up from Missouri for the weekend.

Her's Chris at the Salt Lake airport. And behind him is the plane we flew on:

Here are some pictures outside the church:

Some pictures of everyone at Liz and Gary's place that afternoon:

Gary throwing the football with two of his brothers:

Sarah with the doll she had to tend over the weekend for school:

Liz's birthday cake. Lots of candles and she blew out all but one.

Opening presents:

Skateboard time.

Chris and Asher playing with Legos:

Birthday flowers from Gary:

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LaRue said...

The boys fixed lights onto the balloons that were filled with helium. Then when it was dark the boys and Liz and Gary watched them float away and become a bright star spot in the sky. The whole balloon lit up too.

The Millett family drove back to southern Missouri. Robin, Chris and John fly home together. A few days later Andy and Asher flew back to Portland. I stayed and left towards the end of the month.

It sure was a fun visit. Owen is such a cute a charming baby.
I did catch a cold back there.

Omaha lawns were brown due to a drought.