Sunday, May 6, 2012


I am really late in getting these pictures posted.

On April 4th LaRue and I flew to Omaha, NE, for the birth of #8 grandchild. He was due to arrive April 6. Unfortunately, he arrived two weeks late and we did not get to stay long enough to see him. We had to return home April 14th and he was born April 20th.

But we had a great trip to Omaha. We decided to fly Delta instead of the less expensive Southwest because every Southwest flight had a stop that involved changing planes; Delta was non-stop.

While we were there Gary and Liz drove us past the apartment building where Andy lived when he served in Omaha on his mission.

We also visited the Winter Quarters Temple in Omaha. Here are Liz and Gary outside the entrance.

A stained glass window on the side of the building.

Some of the tulips around the temple.

Adjacent to the temple is the Mormon Pioneer Cemetery.

There is a center area with plaques in the ground and this angel.

One of the pioneers buried in the cemetery is Lucy Morley, one of LaRue's ancestors.

There is also a statue of a pioneer couple.

Liz and Gary by the statue.

Plaque on the back of the statue.

Liz and Gary walking across the cemetery grounds.

Another view of the area with the list of names.

Another shot across the cemetery grounds toward the temple.

Here's a statue outside the visitor center. We have a picture of Andy by the same statue during his mission. See it here: Andy

Inside the visitor center is a violin that once belonged to Isaac Morley. He was also one of LaRue's ancestors. A lot could be said about Isaac Morley and his role in the early history of the church.

Some of the pictures and items inside the visitor center.

Back at the Millett's Liz and Gary prepare to make homemade enchiladas.

A nifty shelf in their living room.

Here they are dressed for church.

We also drove over to Council Bluffs, Iowa, and visited the Kanesville Tabernacle. It's the place when Brigham Young was sustained as prophet after the death of Joseph Smith.

One evening Liz, Gary and I played a few rousing games of Zombie Dice.

A couple of pictures of the inside of their house.

While we were there we had a pretty good thunderstorm. They were expecting tornadoes the next day, but it only rained.

A picture of the church Liz and Gary attend.

Crazy kids and their candy cigarettes.

No so crazy kids.

Liz and Gary getting ready to take us to the airport for our trip back home.

A cloudy trip back.

That's the plane we came home on.

We stopped to eat at the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Heber City. There was this picture on the wall. LaRue remarked how much this boy looks like a young Brian Stokes Mitchell.

Stormy weather as we drove the rest of the way home.

Finally, little Owen Gary Millett arrives.

Next time on Bailey Acres - a trip to the Moon!


Mage Bailey said...

What a wonderful pictorial update. Thank you so much. :)

LaRue said...

I wanted to say these pictures were taken at the apartment where they first lived in Omaha. The apartment was suppose to be non-smoking but the other people in the duplex smoked and the smoke filtered into their apartment.
I bought them candy cigarrettes and had them pose for the picture. Eventually they were able to buy a house and move. They moved right after Owen was born. It is so good that they are all settled down now and have a lot of stress behind them.
Baby Owen wasn't born until after we left Omaha and came home. The day we left there were tornados in the area. Stormy!
An exciting time.