Thursday, June 10, 2010

School News

At the beginning of the year many of the teachers at the school where LaRue teaches were told that they had to empty their rooms by the last day of school. The south wing of the existing building is being torn down to make room for the construction of an entire new school. The demolition was to begin immediately after school ended.

LaRue's classroom was at the south end of the wing to be torn down. So, the last couple of days of school all the teachers affected were scrambling to get things boxed up and moved to another part of the building.

Here are a couple of pictures of just a fraction of the stuff we moved from LaRue's old room out into the hall by her "new" room for next year:

Since school ended, LaRue has spent almost everyday (and me when I wasn't working) at school trying to finish moving the heavy stuff and dismantling what she needed from her old room. We haven't had any spare time to do much but work and sleep.

Then this last Monday the construction people knocked down the wing of the building:

The right hand most corner of the foundation was LaRue's room. The fence line used to go to the corner of her room:

And, finally, we had a sudden hail storm this afternoon. Here's a little of the hail:

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Mage Bailey said...

Gosh....what a chore. How many more years will she teach?