Sunday, June 20, 2010

Movies, Movies

This weekend we rented a couple of movies and enjoyed both. I would recommend both.

First was The Spy Next Door. It was very predictable and aimed mainly at kids, but it was good, harmless fun.

The second was The Book of Eli. This one was really good. But the movie has a very dark look and atmosphere until the end. I am not the biggest fan of post-apocalyptic stories, but this one is quite good. I also enjoyed the religious element and conviction of the character of Eli; specifically his conviction that God spoke to him and promised to protect him in his journey. Even the bad guys had respect for the power of the Book even though their motive to obtain it was not for a righteous purpose.
It's also a violent movie and has some language. I have seen many really good movies that have language, but in this case I think they could have left out the F word and still have had the same impact with the dialog. But the violence would still have kept the R rating.

If you haven't seen it the following contains spoilers:

The Book is, of course, the last remaining copy of the Bible.
I did guess the twist ending - it's in Braile because Eli is actually blind. But he has memorized the entire book.
Even figuring that out the ending was great with the main bad guy finally getting hold of the Bible and realizing he couldn't read it.

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