Monday, November 10, 2008

Bottom Line

I have been holding off saying anything on this issue for a couple of reasons. This is a family blog and not a political one. And some things really are better left ignored.

Well, I am going to throw in our 2 cents on the passing of proposition 8 in California.

Knock off blaming the LDS church. The Mormon church was not the only religious institution to support proposition 8. The Catholic church did. Jews did. Evangelical and many fundamentalist churches supported proposition 8.

But are they catching any heat? No. The people who are up in arms about the LDS church's position in this matter are behaving like the same people who persecuted the Mormons over 100 years ago. They are ignorant and bigoted .

Bottom line:

Proposition 8 passed because more people voted for it than against it.


Ruie said...

The big danger with Queers marrying is that it opens the door to other marriages:
Why not?? mother marries her daughter
dad marries his daughter
man marries his dog
sister marries her brother
cousins marry
dad marries his son

Robin said...

Note: The text below is hate mongering....

It is not about Equal Rights for Gay Couples, they already have their rights.
It is not about a marriage license issued by the state.

It is about making something moral by making it legal.

The homosexual movement can enact laws making gay marriage the only marriage allowed and only give marriage licenses to gay couples. They can even throw every heterosexual in prison or castrate them.

One thing that will not change is the morals.

The libertarian in me says, let them do whatever they want. Whatever their fancy as long as all parties agree.... Just keep it out of public schools and don't force churches to perform marriages it does not support.

Maybe next year they can pass a proposition to amend the bible and take out all those "hateful" verses.

Mom, about your comment. If mother and some etc were sterile, would it make a difference? No, it is not about genetics. You did stumble onto the slippery slope of "well if this is okay...."

Example, abortion. Life begins at conception. If we say 10 weeks or 12 weeks, or 26 weeks, or .... when shall I stop? Ya know a 1 year old really isn't aware.... That has already been said.

Okay I am done.... Now I need to go punch another hole in my Bigot Card.

Ruie said...

November 13 - 15th

Numerous chapels in Utah have their windows shot out.
AND, packages arrive at SLC and LA Temples that contain a POWDER. The temples close. Businesses that opposed PROP 8 have GUEERS gather outside of them so people won't go to the businesses. Protest parades are planned for Saturday. OH, BUT those protests are not aimed at the "MORMON" Church the news reports.
Well, it is good to know that QUEERS aren't liars too.....being hateful and a liar is a bad combo, huh.