Thursday, October 30, 2008

Autumn Leaves

As the sun was coming up I snapped a few shots of the early morning light hitting the leaves of the apricot tree.


Ruie said...

Bless the old apricot tree....a blessing and a curse!

Ruie said...

Like the last picture a lot.
Can you edit that blasted trash can? Ha.

MageB said...

Simply lovely as are the magic jams and jellies Ruie makes. :)

Robin said...

I think you and the apricot tree have a abusive relationship. First of all 98% of the time, the tree is either threating to or actual making your life miserable. Then (according to the stockholm syndrome) at the smallest show of kindness you absolutely fall in love with the tree. It becomes "resonable"
Well Mom, here are the facts:
Apricots were deemed "cursed" my the US military. There were the couse of tracked vehicle fairures many a time. I have heard first hand storys working on hardware for a tank myself.
We had our tank electronics here at work shut off for days after having a staff meeting where everyone ate apricots.
Seriously you have to read this, the strangest (as very widely held) superstition about apricots.

(Maybe that is what is wrong with all the cars.......)