Sunday, October 19, 2008

Salt Lake Tribune Article

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman wrote a really good column in today's Salt Lake Tribune stating why the nation needs John McCain. Here's a link to the column - Huntsman Article


Ruie said...

OBAMA is a liar and will destroy the constitution.
He is in league with terrorists and Islamic beliefs.

I can't stand to look at him or hear his voice so I don't listen to bias CNN.
Heaven help the U.S. Most of the military people want McCain.... and that should tell everyone something.

OBAMA has given some scary speeches that don't support the Constitution.
He is a dangerous man.

Robin said...

Don't get me started.....

Both parties have gone very "socialist". Thanks for the bailout Pres Bush and Congress. Oh yeah thanks for that insurance company I own now too. Do bankers run this country or what?

Let's see, how to vote... Ron Paul! Oh, he is not nominated? You mean I have to vote for a Democrat or a Marxist? Seriously where are the JFK democrats? (The ones our parents vote for that made us little democrats) I would vote for one of those... Oh JFK went after the federal reserve and was going to print government money. Yeah isn't that what Lincon did too. Hmm, oh yes, and they were both Killed. That is why. We have killed everyone who actually had both the power and the desire to fix this country.

If people only see down party lines they are blind. Listen to a presidential debate. It is now a matter of the president who is offering the BIGGER handout. Wait, I want someone who does not want a paternal government!!! Oh wait sorry, apparently I just sold my voting power on ebay to someone in India who really wants it.....

I digress... I better get back to clinging to my guns...