Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some New Family Websites

Andy has added a couple of new websites. One is dedicated to his film Butterflies and the other is a personal site.
Here are the links - Butterflies and Andy Bailey at Weirdribs
Finally, here's the location of John's new podcast - Batwing's Beat


Ruie said...

Hi, dear, you ought to create a website which is a bailey acres diary where we can express our opinions.
I'd like to write about the USA Media. It is as bad as the lies that come from Islamic radical countries. The media far and near is ruining this country with the hate, bias, and distorted reporting. CNN is the worst, worst, worst, worst. I can't stand watching the news anymore. What a sewer! Abusive and hateful.
There are too many "know it alls" who have jobs in the media. They don't tell the complete truth either. They create their own reality. They are destroying our country. They create maddness with their carefully chosen stories. The media is so warped. I am ashamed of them. PU.

How's that for a starter?

Ruie said...

BOO WAAAHHHH, Matt Lauer.....You feel bad about losing your money..
Well, the media is to blame and all the hate you grind out 24/7
Enjoy your poverty, you big media losers.