Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Political Statement

Okay. So far Bailey Acres has not taken a stand either way on the upcoming election. And we get emails from people on both sides of the political coin forwarding us stuff either promoting their candidate or slamming the other guy.

The time has come to take a stand.

We're not voting for Obuma Obama . And we're not discussing it, either.


Liz said...

Ha! I love this!! A famous, "let's not talk about it", phrase comes to mind.

Robin said...

It will feel good to vote all the old snakes out of office and vote some new ones in! Yes I want bigger snakes with faster poison!!! Oh yes and socialism and gun control are what I am really hoping for..... Maybe they can do something about that pesky antiquated Constitution and the "dated" Bill of Rights that is hanging around somewhere. I can't believe we are still using some document written by a bunch of God fearing and Gun Clinging Rednecks who were kicked out of Europe!!!