Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trip to Granby, Missouri

Last Wednesday LaRue and I drove to Provo to drop off some items at Liz and Gary's house before heading east. Then it was a drive up to the Roy area to meet up with Robin and let him take the car for the duration of our trip. We had dinner with him and all drove back to West Valley to the hotel where LaRue and I were going to stay.

The next morning we rode the hotel's shuttle bus to the Salt Lake airport. Everything went smoothly at the airport and we were soon waiting for our flight. We flew Southwest to Denver and then to Kansas City. It was about three hours on the plane (including 25 minutes on the ground in Denver).

At the car rental in Kansas City we picked up a Mitsubishi Galant. Nice car, but not something I would ever buy. We found it not real comfortable for the long drive to Granby (186 miles).

However, we didn't go straight down to Granby but drove the short distance to Liberty to tour the Liberty Jail. It was really interesting to see the place where Joseph Smith was incarcerated for almost 4 months. The jail itself was very small and the men found it hard to stand upright.

From there it was a 3 hour drive to Granby through rolling hills of greenery. Quite a change from our desert area.
There are actually no motels in Granby so we stayed in nearby Neosho at the Booneslick Lodge. It was really nice.

We must have been quite tired since we slept in Friday morning. In the afternoon we went over to the church and helped a little with the open house preparations. Gary's mother had done a fantastic job decorating and we helped with some final food preparation.

The open house was really nice. Afterward we helped put some things away and headed back to the lodge. We had to get up at 5 AM to drive make the drive back to the airport.

Now I'm going to rant a bit - the Kansas City airport is not one I will ever fly into again. Unlike the Salt Lake airport, once you pass through security in Kansas City there is nothing but the chairs of the waiting areas of the boarding gates. In Salt Lake they have restaurants and shops inside the secure part of the airport. We wanted to get something to eat so we had to leave the secure area, go eat and then go through security all over again.

The flight from Kansas City to Salt Lake was five and one half hours due to stops in Dallas and Albuquerque. Following that was the drive back to Vernal in the dark. We hate driving in the dark. But we made it home safe and sound about 11:30 Saturday night.

Overall, we enjoyed our trip and I have put up some pictures. You can see them here: Missouri Pictures


MageB said...

Welcome the mountains. What a lovely place...but flat. She married into an awful nice family, and I am so glad you two were able to go to the reception.

Ruie said...

Yes, we love the Millets and enjoyed visiting Missouri. It was a whirlwind trip but it was great. We'll have more wedding pictures soon...more pictures to come!