Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tow Trip

Friday evening Robin was driving to Vernal from Roy when the car he was driving -
the 1995 Hyundai Elantra developed a problem with the driveline. He had Emily drive out to get him and attempt to tow the vehicle the rest of the way to Vernal. However, being night and raining, they decided to leave the car at a rest area west of Duchesne.

Saturday after work Robin came by and he and I jumped into his van - and headed west.

This map shows the route. It's 76 miles from Vernal to the rest area.

We found the car safe and sound, hooked up the tow rope -
and started back to Vernal. But a few miles along the rope developed a little too much slack, got run over and broke. Robin made a quick alteration to the tow rope that involved a bungie cord to keep it from dragging and we were off again.
An hour and a half later we had the car back at home. Robin thinks he can fix it fairly easily, so it will sit at our house until he returns.

Cars - gotta love 'em.


MageB said...

Oh no, Oh no......I'm holding my breath. I'm so sorry.

MageB said...

And too, speaking of website maintenance, don't you need to add one more picture up there at the top?

John said...

Right you are. Maybe when we get back from Missouri I can work on that.