Monday, May 5, 2008

Graduation Pictures

I have created 2 photo sets from this last weekend. First is a set of graduation pictures. The ceremony was at noon on Saturday. Robin and family were already at the University so LaRue and I joined up with Gary and Liz and went to the campus.

The graduation was really nice. It ran a little over an hour. Afterwards we all met outside to do pictures and visit. Then it was back to Robin's house to change and eat.

We all went to the Sizzler and had a really nice meal. Then Robin opened a present from Andy. Andy wasn't able to attend and he sent some things with Liz. He gave Robin a DVD of the movie - Where the Toys Come From. We had a copy of a videotape of this movie when the boys were little and Robin watched it hundreds of times. So, he really liked getting his own DVD.

Here are the graduation pictures: Robin's Graduation

When the boys Grandpa Hansen died the only thing he mentioned in his will was that his rifles be given to his grandsons. So, for several years LaRue and I have kept the guns for when the boys could take them. One of the rifles Robin got is a 30-06 that his grandfather used to hunt deer. It's probably been at least 20 years since Paul Hansen hunted with it.

Robin took the rifle and had it cleaned and made ready to use again. Saturday afternoon Robin, LaRue, Gary, Liz, Brighton and I drove outside Logan to a shooting range. And Robin fired his grandpa's rifle for the first time. It was awesome. Then LaRue got a chance to shoot it.

He also had Emily's handgun and let LaRue and I shoot that. It was really quite fun.

So, here's some shooting pictures: At the shooting range


MageB said...

We will be sending enthusiastic congratulations to the graduate as soon as Uncle gets home. How wonderful....both kids educated. One left. What is she majoring in. Aunt and Uncle are remiss.

Thanks for posting all this. You all look grand.

Ruie said...

Dear John:
Can you put something on Bailey Acres about how scary Obama is?
Then I can put a comment on that entry that says: PU - You STINK.
Many've made my day!

Emily said...

We miss you guys. Robin's graduation was great, and having you over afterward, and all the time we got to spend, was something we miss!!!

MageB said...

Thanks so much for the email with all the news. I'll reply later in the day after a planned dust moving.

When you find the time, George has a new blog address. :)