Saturday, April 19, 2008

What We did Today

Since LaRue had no school today and I was off work - we slept in!

Once we got up and motivated, we went up to school to start moving things. LaRue not only has to change classrooms for next year, she has to change grades! So we went to get an early start moving some things and doing a little organizing. It was going pretty well until I went to get some stuff out of the car and wrenched my back.

So, it was break time. We decided to try lunch at the new Chinese Buffet here in town. It was pretty good. After that LaRue went back to school to finish up.

Now it's home again and hoping there's something worth watching on tv.


MageB said...

I'm so sorry about your back......thanks for helping her. Nope, nothing worth watching. :)

George said...

You should know better. They make kids to empty backs of cars. "Old Guys" are supposed to supervise.

MageB said...

Hope your back is better. You didn't say, but what grade is LaRue going to teach now. Why did they do this? Oh, I am full of questions.

John said...

My back is getting better. It seems to take about a week and a half whenever this happens. Hopefully, I will be back to walking to work by the end of next week.

LaRue is moving to first grade and is at the same school. So it is just a matter of shuffling stuff from one end of the building to another.

A lot of the shuffling around is due to the principal making changes. Some of it is because the district went back to "neighborhood" schools a couple of years ago and the number of students in each grade fluctuates from year to year.