Thursday, April 17, 2008

BYU TV - First Look

Andy was on the BYU TV program First Look last night. First Look is a program where BYU media arts & animation students share insights as emerging filmmakers. Documentaries, animation shorts and more are featured. They did several segments with filmmakers. Andy's interview was the first and then they showed one of his shorts films.

I know that BYU TV keeps their programming available for two weeks for online viewing. You do have to install their streaming software. Here's a link to their streaming service - BYU TV


Ruie said...

Andy was so relaxed and upbeat on the program. I enjoyed hearing the interviews and seeing the films. They made me laugh.
Good job, Andy! Thanks. Love, MOM

Harrisons said...

I visited the bear story and the pictures. I believe it , I believe it. I also wonder if he has relatives marouding around Vernal.