Monday, October 15, 2007

LaRue's Birthday

In addition to the big film festival, this weekend was also LaRue's birthday! She and I went to Provo by way of Ephraim. In Ephraim LaRue and I spent a few hours with the chainsaw cutting wood for her fireplace along with fixing a wheelbarrow and leveling her stove. Nath had prepared a nice meal and picked up a cake for LaRue. Then it was on to Provo for the film festival and another birthday celebration.

Robin, Emily and the kids along with Liz all came down from Logan for the birthday and the showing of Butterflies.

Here are just a few pictures from the birthday - LaRue's Birthday.


Ruie said...

My birthday is the 14th.....not the 15th. Take note, Fans.

Mage said...

Fans have taken note and in great big letters. Our appointment book has the date highlighted, and your date is immortalized therein. :)

George said...

Wow, there were sure a lot of candles on that small cake. Or was it a Big cake? Good thing we know one of them 911 fellers.