Sunday, April 8, 2007

LaRue's April Fool Joke

Last weekend Andy and Laurie came out for a visit. So, LaRue decided to play an April Fools Joke on them. Saturday evening she announced that she was going to bake a Southern cherry pie (Andy loves her cherry pies).

You should have seen the look on his face when on Sunday we decided to have some pie. Andy started cutting into the pie only to discover it wasn't a cherry pie - it was a cotton ball pie!

But being good kids, they tried to choke down a few bites:

You should have seen them think twice when LaRue next offered them some ice cream.


Mage said...

Oh, how simply delightful. What wonderful creativity. I'm sitting here grinning. And too, a loverly card arrived yesterday. No joke there......just love. Thank you both so much.

Emily said...

That's pretty funny. I didn't even hear about that one. that sounds like one of those baking incidences that can go in our, "oops," baking histories, eh LaRue?
Right up there with the sour apple pie, and the black brownies.