Wednesday, April 18, 2007


(*Note* the images below are not the best resolution. I kind of rushed the photo imaging)

Here's me turning 55!

Robin and Andy spent most of the day playing with my birthday presents (Shure SM58 microphone, Behringer audio mixer and USB interface for the mixer to the computer). They were having fun playing "radio stars". For me that means I no longer have an excuse not to start recording my own podcast and drumming up some freelance audio work.

Robin brought Kjerstine along for the weekdn. Here she is discovering the tulips in front of the house.


Emily said...

Your forgot to take a picture of grandma. She needs to have a picture taken of her with the leaves or something.

Mage said...

Leaves? Did we miss the leaves?
Sons looking intellegent and granddaughters looking springish will do nicely tho. Now if I can get your brother to do podcast listening, we will be able to hear your dulcet tones in the comfort of our own home.

Again......happy birthday and happy studio. :)