Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Cards

I scanned the covers of our Valentine cards to each other and the one LaRue received from her friend Roslyn.

Here's the one I got from LaRue:

Here's the one I gave her:

And here's the card from Roslyn:


Ruie said...

Mom taught us the value of sending Valentine cards. The Baileys and Hansens Families always write/wrote wonderful letters, sent cards for all occasions. Our families have sent thousands and thousands of letters and cards. It was our life line and still is...I hear a lot from Nathalie, Laura, Liz. Most of the people who grew up in Ephraim learned the value of connections with family. My friends also take the time to connect with friends and family.

I hope our children carry on the tradition.

Mage said... all are so nice. We got this darling card from the two of you yesterday. Thank you so very much.

George said...

Yes, thank you both for the card.