Thursday, February 15, 2007

LOST pt.2

As mentioned in a previous post, we're catching up on LOST.
Last night we watched "In Translation" from Season One. The back story is about Jin-Soo Kwon and his working for his father-in-law. In the scene where he goes over to a man's house to deliver a message we see the man's daughter TV. And on the screen is this shot:

So, we're wondering - what's Hurley doing on TV??
If you know, don't spoil it for us. But I am wondering if his story puts him on some sort of television program before becoming LOST.


Mage said...

Morning you two. Nope, Lost isn't in our bag of shows to be watched. I bet your kids watch it tho.

John said...

Liz, Andy and Laurie are Lost fans. They got us going on the show.

Andy said...

Oh man you're in for a surprize!