Friday, December 1, 2006


I have added a new Link category to the sidebar on the right. It is Recommendations. I will be adding links to websites and other information that we at Bailey Acres want to present for your edification.

First up is a link to the Glenn Beck website. We both are now avid viewers of his television show which runs on Headline News at 7, 9 and Midnight Eastern time. Also has a nationally syndicated radio program. You can go here for a list of stations.
This man is so right on the money when it comes to politics, Iraq and political correctness. Definitely worth watching.


Andy said...

I just LOVE listening to Glenn Beck. I haven't been able to see his show much though. But Robin and I both subscribe to his poscast, and I just love it.
Dad, are you listening to his radio show now or just the TV?

Dad said...

Just the tv show. Sometimes I download and listen to the podcast of the radio show, but that's usually only when I run out of other podcasts to listen to. So, we mainly watch the tv show.