Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas 2006

I wasn't quite sure how to approach a Christmas report this year. But I finally decided to cover a couple of "to-us-from-us" gifts.

Faces is a fun game for 3 - 8 players. LaRue, Liz and I played and LaRue won. It was quite good.
Here's a description from the Funagain Games website - Faces gives you 3 decks of cards with pictures of faces on them. One deck of women and one from men that look to be from the 1920s, and a deck of animal faces. Working with one 6 pictures from one deck can you guess which one is the insomniac? Take turns being the judge, and everyone will be laughing at the mismatched faces and phrases. This is a good game for 4 to 6 players and can be played in about 30 minutes. It is easy to learn, and is a fun social game.
It received the Parents' Choice FunStuff Award:
The Parents' Choice FunStuff Award was created in response to requests for PCF (The Parents̢۪ Choice Foundation) to identify value priced age-appropriate products such as kits for making a keepsake for Grandma, party games, or birthday party gifts that won̢۪t break the bank - nonviolent products that may not be "educational" but are well produced and fun.

Description - Killer Bunnies is a funny non-collectable, expandable card game.
The object: Collect as many "Carrots" as possible, hoping that one of them is the randomly predetermined "Magic Carrot". In doing so, you must keep your bunnies alive as possible, while eliminating your opponents' Bunnies because once all the Carrots have been claimed you must have a living Bunny to win.
The problem: Your opponents are armed with outrageous weapons (from level 1 weapons such as a "Kitchen Whisk" to level 12 weapons such as the "Nuclear Warhead").
Use cards to defend your Bunnies, such as the hillarious "Magic Spatula" or other special cards, or use a "Feed The Bunny" card to force your opponent to buy cabbage and water (if they have the money to do so...)

Possibly more later. Now we're off to plot and plan New Years.

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Mage said...

Glad you all had fun......and hope you got the magic carrot. We started the new year with a new outside of our home, paid for by them. Unfortunately, not one game to be seen. A new chair for thy ever widening bro's retreatments. :)