Friday, May 12, 2006

No-Update Update

Here's an underwhelming blog update.

Today's accomplishments:
1. Got a haircut.
2. Mowed the lawn for the first time this year. (I guess you could say the yard and I both got a haircut)

Liz is going to be taking summer classes. Her scholarship was renewed for another semester.

I have to get some parts to fix the gear shift in the truck. I'm afraid I might have to replace a fair amount of the entire steering column. Perhaps a visit to the friendly neighborhood wrecking yard is in order. That's how I replaced the shaft in the steering column and the steering gear box.

Maybe next time I can have something more interesting to pass along. It's like I read on another site. A woman was recounting an event with her family and she made the comment, "Well, it gives me something to blog about."

1 comment:

Mage said...

I'm glad Liz has her scholarship, and both your hair and lawn are trimmed, (we shaved G's head just the way your mom used to do), but didn't you do that to your truck a year ago?