Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Industrial Strength Dusting

LaRue decides to really get after the dusting:


Mage said...

WOW! I am very impressed with this. I have a little 50's vacuum I use to dust the bathroom, but nothing like this tough tool she is using. I bet the house is clean when she is done.

Mage said...

I do check in every morning, and this photo inspires me to leave a second note. It's great stuff. How would a dust mite dare to survive that attack.
G has put in for Friday off, and he has priced flights. Progress. We will see what the company says about his request.

George said...

WOW........... Power Tools!

Ruie the Terror said...

Hey, everyone! This works. I blow out the dust from under the furniture. Then vacuum. Doing this means I don't have to move the shelves to dust. Leaf Blowers are the greatest! I used to think they were the most idiotic tool. But WRONG. No more sweeping for me! I am only going to use brooms now to throw up in the trees to scare away crows that attack my apples. Maybe John will take pictures of me throwing my broom up in the trees at the crows.
John recently used the leaf blower to clean dust out of some friend's computer. It looked like the computers were on fire due to the clouds of dust. Boy, did that work well....don't use whimpy canned air! Get you a leaf blower and do the job right. I use the leaf blower to blow into bird houses to clean out bugs. And rather than vacuum the car or truck - use your leaf blower. It really works great....would I kid you? I am dead serious!

nath said...

Leave it to Ruie to try some thing super sonic! Love the picture.
What are you listening to whilst you dust. They don't call you SUper Ruie for nothing!!!!.
Love Nath in snowy little EPhraim