Friday, November 30, 2012


Prior to Thanksgiving on November 17th LaRue flew to Omaha to spend the holiday with Liz, Gary and Owen. She was there until the 26th. While there they all went to the Mormon Trail Center for a big Gingerbread house display. She took lots of great pictures and I will be posting some here soon along with a better write-up.

I stayed home because I had to work. The Saturday before Thanksgiving Robin, Emily and the kids came to Vernal for the week. They had Thanksgiving with Emily's family, but I got to spend some time with them.

The day after Thanksgiving I drove to Ephraim to spend the weekend with Don, Laura and Nath before picking LaRue up at the airport Monday evening.

On Saturday morning I went with Nath and Laura to the funeral of a family friend that lived next door to them when they were growing up in Ephraim.

Saturday afternoon I got out my chainsaw to do some more wood cutting. But I could not get the saw to start. It was very frustrating. I later had it checked when I got home and learned that the starting instructions were incorrect and would flood the engine if you followed them. But even though we didn't get any wood cut, we managed to gather up a big load of kindling from the wood pile.

Sunday I accompanied Nath to church and then just relaxed the rest of the day. I had brought along an assortment of board games but never even got a chance to get them out.

Monday it was off to Salt Lake to run a couple of errands before going to the airport.

LaRue's flight was right on time and we drove home Tuesday morning.

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