Friday, July 11, 2008

What A Day

Let's review all the fun LaRue and I have had today.....

About 11:00 I'm getting ready to check some information online for hotel/motel accommodations for the upcoming wedding. I got most of it done and then the internet died. So, I reset the modem. Nothing. Finally, I try to call the phone people to check on it. Phone line is dead. Fortunately, a couple of days ago I had purchased a little prepaid cellphone. By the way, it's great. Just purchase minutes at a really good rate and talk till they're gone; then do it all over (shampoo, rinse, repeat).

I should mention that I had been suspecting the modem as the problem. Afterall, I installed it back in 2004.
So, I grab the cellphone and call the phone people. They say bring the modem in for testing.
Diagnosis - dead modem. I get a new one and take it home. Plug it all in and.......nothing. Now the phone company informs me that they are having some problems and are working on the lines. Should be up in a short (hours) while.
Fine and dandy. We have lots of other stuff to do than surf the net and yak on the phone.

Then the guy from the gas company knocks on the door. He's here to switch out the old meter with a new one.
After he does his thing he comes in to relight the pilot light on the water heater. Oh my, look at all the rust in there. Time for a new water heater!

Tomorrow Robin and I get the swap out water heaters. I put the current one in 28 years ago, so it's probably time for another one anyway. But the heater is bigger than the opening to the little cubby area. Last time, and again tomorrow, we had to not only remove the door, but the framing around the door to squeeze it in.

About 6 PM I wander past LaRue's computer and see a message on her screen that the anti-virus program has been updated. Internet is back! But no phone still. I call again and they end up putting in a work order. Sometime tomorrow a guy will be out to test everything.

Now it's 8 PM and I'm at work until 3 AM.

What a day!


George said...

You are lucky to have a gas heater. We live better electricly. When our 10 year old water heater goes out, I'm thinking of replacing it with one of those wall mounted "On-Demand" heaters. Cold line hooks in and hot line goes out. There is no more paying to keep the water in the tank hot and you can actually (if you wanted) have hot water coming out of the faucet 24 hours straight. And you say, "Now you tell me about this!". Put "tankless hot water heaters" into google.

MageB said...

Yes, I have one of those pay as you go phones with T-Mobile. I love it when it works. It doesn't always work.

Yes, see if you can find a spot on the floor for G...or a closet. We are trying to find a way to get him there and still be able to take our planned vacation the end of this year. We cannot both afford to come, but your brother loves being connected to family.

Edward Teach said...

It's really too bad Jay Leno didn't write this.

Laura said...

Hi, I already left a comment, but it disappeared, or didn't like my comment.
Again, I don't agree at all!!!! Never did like Jay Leno much, and he missed the boat on this one. I'm scared to death to have 4 more years of Bushdom...I pray Obama is our new President!!