Friday, November 9, 2007

Best Commercial


Mage said...

That's beautiful. We must never forget to support the troops even if we do not support the war.....says a gramma with two in Iraq and one on a hospital ship.

Mage said...

..........and thanks John, I found that video on U-tube and posted it. Sentimental, yes, But an important sentimentality right now.

Ruie said...

I love this! There should be more clapping and positive outlooks. People nowadays are so negative, mean, hateful, and act shamefully. But then they are such "know it alls!" Americans are so spoiled.
I just wish President Bush had been walking with the soldiers in this video.
That would have made it perfect.
I love President Bush and veterans.
Being President is the worst job ever in a world of hate mongers who try to destroy any President.

John said...

This is great because it's the kind of message Americans need to have. Our soldiers do need to know that they are appreciated.
The main stream media does not want us to see the good things that the U.S. is accomplishing in the Middle East. That would not coincide with their political agenda. They would rather have Americans think and feel negatively about the war (and, yes, about the troops) so that they can promote their point of view as being "what the entire country thinks".
After all, if CNN says it, isn't it gospel truth?