Saturday, September 15, 2007

Annoying Starlings

We have a problem with starlings flying into our yard enmasse and scaring away all the little finches that LaRue feeds. Today she had me download a bunch of sounds of predator birds - owls, falcons, etc. - and burn them onto a CD. She is taking the CD outside and playing it whenever she spots some of the starlings.
Now Bailey Acres sounds like an aviary full of P.O.'d raptors!


Mage said...

Thanks. Yesterday the image didn't work. Today we are starling. What do the finches think of the raptor sounds?

Ruie said...

Only about thirty Starlings flew away. Then about 20 flew back.
So owl sounds don't seem to bother them. John is going to record more hawks, eagle sounds. Maybe he needs to record some raptor, and T-rex sounds from Jurassic movies......Cat meows?

George said...

You ever think of feeding Starlings vs Finches? Hmmm.... they are a nice blue and they might keep the crows and pidgeons at bay.

Ruie said...

Oh, we do feed the goldfinches. The bratty Starlings are bullies. They are attracted by our big trees and apples.
I now have a Paintball gun that I'm going to use to scare the bully birds away.