Monday, July 24, 2006

Miturga Lineata

LaRue was cleaning up an area outside the house and came across one of these spiders. We had never seen one like it before. Apparently it lives more on the ground by logs and such. It was living under some bags of leaves we had. We took it out into a open fiedl area and let it go.


Mage said...

Gosh.......that critter was more than a little frightening.
And too, just back from Comic-Con. G loved it. You too belong there as do your kids. Wunnerful stuff.

Ruie said...

This spider was really big....size of half dollar. It moved slow. It seemed really disoriented to be in the sunlight and not be hiding under the bark and leaves. We let it go in a field.

Emily said...

I think you won on the big spider contest. WOW.