Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Weather Changes

After a few days in temperatures in the 90's I broke down and installed the air conditioners. For the two days since then - nothing but wind, cold and rain!

I am getting the old Impala going again. I have a couple of new belts to put on and then get it inspected. Probably do that tomorrow. Since I can do the registration renewal online I should have it licensed to go before the weekend is out.

I'm still trying to track down a steering column for the truck. But I know a guy....

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Mage said...

George says "the man with the most cars wins." Does it count if they don't run? Ours have names. We have "Moaning Myrtle," the Toyota with a rattle that Toyota knows about but hasn't a fix for yet. And we have "Grumpy." He started out new in a bad mood, and he has been missing in action ever since.