Thursday, September 8, 2005

Kjerstine Blessing

Last weekend we (LaRue, Liz, Travis and I) drove up to Logan for Kjerstine's naming and blessing. I have added some pictures of the trip to the Bailey Acres Photo Galleries. Or, go directly by clicking here.

Robin did a really good job with the blessing.

We did notice on the drive up and back that some of the leaves are beginning to change colors. Falls a-comin'.


Mage said...

What delightful pictures. I do so love your part of the world, then again, I have not lived there in winter. (she says with a smile. :) ) Thanks for showing us the tabernacle and wonderful stone work plus the trees as well as the family. You all are great.


The tall tree that John is standing by is a Locust Tree. It is very old. It is such a fantastic tree! The sun was shining through it's leaves and it looked so beautiful as did all the trees on the Tablernacle Block. There were pinkish red Coral Bells blooming all around the rock walls and they were so lovely. The blocks that the Tabernacle were made from were made from rough black rock and mortar was added around the rock and shaped into a rectangular block. I hope everyone can go visit the Logan Tabernacle Grounds and experience the legacy left by those amazing, hard-working, poverty stricken pioneers of long ago.